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Gama Bomb


2002-  Joe McGuigan - bass, vocals
2002-  Philly Byrne - vocals
2005-  Domo Dixon - guitars
2012-  John Roche - guitars
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2002  Steve Campbell - guitars
2002  Derek McParland - drums
2002  Kenny Graham - bass
2002-2003  Damien Boyce - drums
2002-2005  Kevin "Kevy" Canavan - guitars
2002-2012  Luke Graham - guitars
2004  Ronan Fitzpatrick - drums
2005-2020  Paul Caffrey - drums
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2020  James Stewart - drums
2010-2011  Kevin "Kevy" Canavan - guitars
2011  John Roche - guitars

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Like the rest of us, Gama Bomb have spent the bulk of this year living for the lockdown. But as it says in the Bible, all things must return to the sea. Was that the Bible? Maybe it was John Carpenter. I'm pretty sure Devin Townsend said it, at least.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
I listen to thrash so I can hear songs about Kurt Russell. That's basically the whole point of the genre, as far as I'm concerned.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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