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1996-  Ruoja - vocals, guitars
2007-  Tohtori Kuolio - bass, vocals
2007-  Raajat - keyboards, vocals
2007-  Kalmos - guitars, vocals
2009-  Tartunta - guitars
2011-  Malakias 6,8 - drums
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1996-2006  Samuel Lempo - guitars
2001  Malakias I - drums
2003-2004  Malakias II - drums
2004-2007  Malakias III - drums
2004-2007  Atoni - bass
2004-2007  Irstas - keyboards
2007-2011  Malakias IV - drums
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Ajattara are always blamed of doing the same album over and over again, and while this statement is not entirely false, they still manage to enchant audiences with their "Dark Metal" style, which is nothing more than Black Metal, played in mid-tempo...
Review by Undercraft ››
Ajattara third album is here, and this time has even a weirder cover art, maybe the word I'm trying to use here is not weird, but ugly, I mean, a chicken leg? What's the point of putting a little mutilated chicken paw in the cover? These guys...
Review by Undercraft ››
Who could be so ignorant as to hear that Pasi Koskinen has another new side project and not go after it? Well not me. Every time I hear that name my hair stands on end. First thinking of all his fantastic work with Amorphis, the amazing band Shape of...
Review by Azhidahak ››

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