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Dies Irae

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Country: Poland
Label: Metal mind Productions
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Formed in: 1992
Broke up: 1997-2000
Disbanded in: 2005

1992-2005Death metal


1992-2005  Mauser - guitar
2000-2005  Marcin Nowak - bass, vocals
2000-2005  Krzysztof Raczkowski - drums
2000-2005  Jacek Hiro - guitar
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1992-1997  Jaroslaw Łabieniec - guitars
1992-1997  Maciej "Gilan" Liszewski - drums
1992-1997  Czarny - bass
2005-2007  Vitek - drums
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This is not the first time that I write this sentence, but whatever I will say it again: Poland is a real golden mine when it comes to great Metal productions. No need to talk again about the legendary combos which come from the country and let's...
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It's a trend to produce DVD in Poland nowadays. If the first reason comes from the low cost of the production, one of the others reasons is that the producers and directors of the country are really good. We had the proof of this quality with the...
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