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2007-  Nikita Andriyanov - guitars, keyboards, balalaika, mandolin, ukulele, vocals
2007-  Kseniya Markevich - vocals, garmon
2022-  Alexey Biteykin - drums
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2007-2009  Vasiliy - drums
2007-2010  Aleksandr Shvilev - bass, backing vocals
2007-2011  Aleksandr Oleynikov - accordion, keyboards
2009-NA  Andrey Ischenko - drums
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2008  Oleg Sakmarov - flute
2008  Valeriy Naumov - backing vocals


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Kalevala is a total discovery for me and a really nice surprise. This Russian Folk band only releases its second album this year but already shows that they have a really strong experience and capacity to play good music. Don't expect anything dark...
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