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2006-  Ilya Kapralov [ MS user ] - guitars, bass
2006-  Nikita Merzlyakov - keyboards, synths
2009-  Ilya Mamaev - guitars
2009-  Aleksandr Zhuchihin - drums
2010-  Dmitriy "Ian Breeg" Yanovskiy - vocals
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2006-2008  Aleksandr Moroz - drums
2006-2008  Vadim "Komposter" Nikandrov - bass
2006-2009  Nikita "Tjalvi" Valamin - vocals
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The Russian Federation seems to be producing more and more good, quality metal of various types in the last half decade or so. At the moment I am more familiar with their brutal death scene but over the years I have run into several highly talented bands from Russia playing other genres: Tvangeste (symphonic black), Dominia (symphonic melodeath), Illidiance (industrial), and SunLess Rise (extreme power) to name a few. I'm thinking I need to delve more into their overall metal scene though rather than just the brutal scene.   Review by psykometal ››

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