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Woods Of Ypres

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Country: Canada
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Formed in: 2002
Disbanded in: 2011

2002-2008Melodic black metal
2002-2010Doom metal
2011Gothic doom metal


2002-2011  David Gold - all instruments, vocals
2008-2011  Evan Madden - drums
2008-2011  Shane Madden - bass
2010-2011  Joel Violette - guitars
2011  Rae Amitay - drums
2011  Brendan James Hayter - bass
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2002-2003  Aaron Palmer - bass, vocals
2002-2003  Brian McManus - guitars, vocals
2003-2004  Steve Jones - guitars
2003-2004  Connor Sharpe - bass
2003-2007  Jessica Rose - keyboards
2005-2008  Dan Hulse - bass, vocals
2007-2008  Shawn Stoneman - guitars
2008  Brian Holmes - keyboards
2008-2010  Bryan Joseph Belleau - guitars
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2003-2004  Sarah Green - vocals
2003  Robin Cross - vocals
2003  Dustin Black - guitars
2005-2008  Chris "Mezz" Mezzabotta - drums
2008  Lee Maines - guitars
2008-2009  Steve Angelo Furgiuele - bass
2009  Angela Schleihauf - oboe
› 2012  -//-
2009  Nathanaël Larochette - acoustic guitars
2009-2012  Raphael Weinroth-Browne - cello

Latest reviews

Wow, what a difficult review to write. On one hand, you want to reject any inclination to get caught up in posthumous worship that seems to happen to any deceased artist, on the other, it's hard to claim that the knowledge that you're playing that artists last message to the world doesn't add certain power. Listened to in context with David Gold's death, Woods 5 comes across as the most depressing album to drop in years. However, taken at face value, it's pretty decent. Nothing amazing, but well worth the listen.
Review by Doc G. ››
I found this band while surfing on the net for new stuff, and I must say that the first thing that attracted me was the "genre" of the music, Woods Of Ypres call themselves "Summer Black Metal" and while you may think this is a happy,...
Review by Undercraft ››

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