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2005-  Dave Terry - bass, vocals
2005-  Mike Smith (V) - drums
2005-  Mike Vest - guitars
2005-  Benjamin Freeth - sitar

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For the first time in their history, Bong took three years to make a new album. And, boy, what an improvement in every field, with lush instrumentation, a blend of new influences, riffs galore and even blast beats and a Migos feature. Or nah, it's just a good old shamanic transcendent Bong album.
Review by RaduP ››
Heavy metal is a strange genre of music. As any devout fan could probably tell you, it's certainly a lot more diverse than the common layperson would be likely to believe, with bands that borrow influences from virtually any other genre you could imagine: Southern rock, electronic jazz, you name it. The Brits in Bong have come to follow along this line of thought quite well in recent years, crafting albums that have made people question what exactly metal is in its current incarnation. Stoner Rock, the group's 2014 effort, is certainly no exception.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
I must admit that I hadn't heard about Bong before I stumbled across Beyond Ancient Space. Droning doom/sludge is what I do enjoy, but I wasn't ready to be so mercilessly blown away by a band I didn't know existed until its music stomped...
Review by Daniell ››

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