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1999-  Daniel Estrin - keyboards, vocals
2006-  Simone Dow - guitars
2007-  Alex Canion - bass
2010-  Scott Kay - guitars
2011-  Ashley Doodkorte - drums
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1999  Mark Baker (I) - keyboards
1999-2000  Adam Lovkis - drums
1999-2008  Mark De Vattimo - guitar
2000-2005  Geoff Callaghan - drums
2001-2003  Jennah Graieg - bass
2001-2005  Emanuel Rudnicki - guitar
2003-2007  Melissa Fiocco - bass
2006-2011  Mark Boeijen - drums
2008-2010  Chris Hanssen - guitar
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2014  Josh Lambert - double bass
2014  Spencer Jensen - double bass
2014  Joseph Woodward - cellos
2014  Samantha Turner - violins
2014  Rachel Sorensen - violins
2014  Žemyna Kuliukas - vocals
2011-2014  Daniel Tompkins - vocals
2019  Einar Solberg - vocals
2023  Sean Harmanis - vocals


2006 Sober [Single] 10
2014 Breaking Down [Single] 7.5
2016 Misery Is Only Company [Single]
2017 Ascension [Single]
2019 Brightstar [Single] 8.5
2021 This Boy's In Love [Single] 8
2022 Dreamer [Single] 9
2022 Submarine [Single] 7.3
2022 A Voyage Through Time [Live] 7
2023 Promise [Single] 9
2023 Prince Of Fire [Single] 9
2023 Ultraviolet [Single] 8

Latest reviews

The return of the band with the big V from Down Under; Australia’s Voyager have been a steady prog machine since 1999. Daniel Estrin may be the only founding member left but the lineup has been steady since 2011. His unique voice, hairdo, and weird stylish keyboards are matched by Simone Dow incisive lead guitar licks. Their sound has shifted to a pop-influenced kind of prog metal over the years. So much so that they just represented their country at the Eurovision Song Contest with the single "Promise".
Review by Dream Taster ››
I discovered Australia's Voyager some years ago and my first thought after hearing them was this is some spacey, tricked-out prog metal. I couldn't quite put my finger on the formula but I also couldn't stop listening. So it's great news for me that Voyager has released their fifth studio LP simply titled V. Although there isn't much difference in sound from previous albums, V enhances Voyager's reputation for putting out quality material and vaults them high into prog metal hierarchy if they weren't there already.
Review by tea[m]ster ››
Voyager is really original band from Australia and for me they're probably one of the most surprising combos that I had the luck to review since a lot of time. Their first release "Element V" was a really cool piece of music and I can tell...
Review by Jeff ››

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