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Hail Spirit Noir


2010-  Haris - synthesizers
2010-  Theoharis Liratzakis - guitars, vocals
2011-  J. Demian - bass, acoustic guitars
2018-  Foivos - drums
2018-  Sakis Bandis - synthesizers
2018-  Cons Marg - vocals
2011-2014  Giannis "Ioannis" Chionidis - drums
2011-2014  Dimitris Dimitrakopoulos - additional vocals
2016-2018  Sakis Bandis - synthesizers
2016-2018  Cons Marg - vocals
2016-2018  Foivos - drums
2020  Lars Are Nedland - vocals

Latest reviews

If I had to choose one single band that in my opinion left a mark on metal in the '10s, it would be Hail Spirit Noir. I am so glad that it looks like they will be leaving an equally significant mark during the '20s as well.
Review by nikarg ››
These days it can tend to be rare to come across bands that are both entirely original while also not too far out there with their quirkiness, and that combine the best of both the familiar and the unconventional. Greece's Hail Spirit Noir already added to the list of such bands with their 2012 effort Pneuma, easily one of the best debuts of the year. With Oi Magoi they now stand poised to take their sound in a perhaps more sophisticated direction.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
It has been philosophized that at every moment the universe destroys itself, then recreates itself just as quickly. If this were true, the only appropriate emotion for any human to have is a state of constant, yet pleasant surprise. Now, this theory does sound like a pile of absurd bullshit to me, but it seems like it can be appropriately applied to this bizarre form of black metal that Hail Spirit Noir put forth.
Review by Doc G. ››

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