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Dread Sovereign

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Country: Ireland
Label: Ván Records

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Formed in: 2013

2013-Doom metal
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2013-  Nemtheanga - bass, vocals
2013-  Bones - guitars
2015-  Con Ri - drums
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2013-2015  Sol Dubh - drums
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2014-  Gareth Averill - keyboards, synthesizers
2014  Johnny King - drums

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Primordial's Alan Averill takes a break from his podcasts and brings back the old school doom ethos in Dread Sovereign to properly kickstart the year.
Review by RaduP ››
According to what most people say the world is doomed. In 2017 more than ever before. I usually don't care what others say but if my year will be full of doom I'm definitely looking forward to it, so let's start the party with Dread Sovereign and their second effort For Whom Doom The Bell Tolls.
Review by Windrider ››

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