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2012-  Isaac Faulk - drums
2012-  Shane McCarthy - guitars, vocals
2012-2016  James "Jamie" Hansen - bass
› 2017-  -//- bass, vocals
2016-  Joe Strong-Truscelli - guitars
› 2016  -//- bass
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2012-2016  Tanner Rezabek - guitars, vocals
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2014  Morris Kolontyrsky - guitars
2015  Joe Strong-Truscelli - bass
2016-  Drew McCutcheon - bass
2023  Lev Weinstein - drums
2018-2020  Colin James Marston - keyboards
2020  Kelly Schilling - vocals
2023  Chris McNaughton - hammond organ
2023  George Cessna - vocals
2023  Munly J. Munly - voice

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In the years since the release of World’s Blood, the ‘Western black metal’ microgenre has begun to grow just a tad; Untamed Land and Dark Watcher have produced solid material, and Duelist have even titled an album Spaghetti Western Black Metal. However, you can trust the masters to remind the rest what the gold standard is for this niche.
Review by musclassia ››
Conjuring the sound of the old American West to life in black metal form, Wayfarer once again craft something epic and distinctly their own.
Review by musclassia ››
It is nothing new for black metal bands to take enormous inspiration from nature and the landscape that they live in, whether the frostbitten Norway, the Cascadian Northwest, or urban anguish. Wayfarer come from Colorado.
Review by RaduP ››

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