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Twilight Force


2011-  Born - bass
2011-  Lynd - guitars, lute
2011-  Blackwald - keyboards, piano, violin, cembalo
2014-  Aerendir - guitars
2018-  Allyon - vocals
2019-  De'Azsh - drums
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2011-2017  Chrileon - vocals
2011-2019  De'Azsh - drums
2014  Roberto - drums
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2017  Tommy Johansson [ MS user ] - vocals
2023-  Kristin Starkey - choirs vocals
2014-2016  Joakim Brodén - vocals
2016  Fabio Lione - vocals
2016  Andreas Olander - guitars
› 2019  -//-
2016  Hanna Turi - vocals
› 2019  -//-
2019  Tommy Johansson [ MS user ] - vocals
2019  Ylva Eriksson - vocals
2019  Kristin Starkey - choirs vocals
› 2023  -//-

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In case you've ever wondered if there was a genuine clone to Rhapsody Of Fire, well here's one right here: Twilight Force. However, is this band a suitable representation for the embarrassingly satisfying symphonic power metal genre, or simply yet another proven gimmick you should understandbly turn your back on?
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Join Twilight Force, young girls and boys, on this great quest! Together with brethren such as Gloryhammer and Fairyland, they will defend the Twilight Kingdom against the dark lords of serious metal! Ride with our heroes on colorful dragons to the barren lands of evil, harsh metals, and battle the enemy with weapons such as sing-a-long choruses, lush orchestrations, and pure happiness! The quest will be long, exactly 12 tracks, but the energy will remain high with catchy tune after catchy tune to inspire your fellowship. Grab your enchanted sword, head to the wizard for blessings of mighty magic; we ride at sunrise. (Must provide own sword and unicorn.)
Review by Susan ››

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