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2009-  Phillip Kaaber - guitars, backing vocals
2009-2013  Martin Holmsgaard Håkan - drums, backing vocals
› 2013-  -//- vocals
2015-  Kirk Backarach - guitars
2015-  Stefan Dujardin - keyboards
2023-  Jon Elmquist Schmidt - drums
2023-  Mikael Christensen - bass
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2009-2011  Sabrina Glud - violin, viola
2009-2011  Mike Kerkeby Pederson - vocals
2009-2011  Amanda Natalie Rasmussen - flute, hurdy gurdy, backing vocals
2009-2013  Andreas Bigom - vocals, keyboards, guitars
2009-2015  Sara Oddershede - vocals, bagpipes, whistles
2009-2022  Lars Bundvad - bass, backing vocals
2013-2015  Lasse Guldbæk Jensen - guitars, backing vocals
2013-2023  Daniel Kronskov - drums
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2014  Danni Lyse Jelsgaard - drums
› 2020  -//-
› 2023-  -//-
2019  Martin Steene - vocals

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A year ago plus change, I reviewed Vanir's The Glorious Dead and found it a moderately intriguing and enjoyable romp through the Danish forests. Aldar Rök breaks away from the approach of its predecessor, presenting a much-altered Vanir. In fact, minus the vocals, it could have been a different band entirely that dropped this deeper, darker voyage through the misty mountains of Scandinavia.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Fans, purists, didacts, and passers-by with too much time on their hands love a good argument about which bands might accurately be labeled "Viking metal" (as if it were a real genre). With their blend of death, black, and folk metal, the Danish Vanir probably have a better shot at the title than most.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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