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2006-  Jack Donovan - bass
2006-  Nick DiSalvo - guitars, keyboards, vocals
2019-  Michael "Mike" Risberg - guitars, keyboards
2019-  Georg Edert - drums
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2006-2019  Mattew Couto - drums
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2017  Michael Risberg - guitars
2017  Michael Samos - pedal steel
2017  Michael "Mike" Risberg - guitars
2017-2019  Michael "Mike" Risberg - guitars, keyboards
2020  Fabio Cuomo - keyboards
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Omens was an album about which I had genuine reservations over certain features, and yet I ended up calling it my 2020 Album Of The Year; that is the kind of sheer talent we are dealing with in Elder, and Innate Passage further exemplifies this.
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For fans of stoner/psychedelic rock, 3 December 2021 was a stacked day for releases.
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2019 saw Elder release the The Gold & Silver Sessions EP, a detour from their established progressive stoner metal sound into a more psychedelic jam direction. Whilst Omens reintegrates some of the heaviness of their previous full-lengths, the influences that inspired last year's offering continue to shape the band's output.
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