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1994-  Vicotnik - guitars, vocals
2015-  L.E. Måløy - bass
2015-  Tommy Guns - guitars
2019-  Øyvind Myrvoll - drums
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1994-1995  Fenriz - bass
1994-2004  Aldrahn - guitars, vocals
› 2013-2016  -//- vocals
1995-1999  Apollyon - bass, guitars, vocals
1996  Jonas Alver - bass
1997-2003  Zweizz - keyboards, programming
1998  Mr. Anti Evolution Human Deviation - guitars
1998  Cerberus - bass
1999-2004  Czral - drums
2005-2008  Kvohst - vocals
› 2010-2011  -//-
2005-2008  Thrawn - guitars
2005-2011  Clandestine - bass
2009-2018  Sekaran - drums
2010-2015  Blargh - guitars
2011-2015  Void - bass
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2013  Øyvind Myrvoll - drums
› 2018-2019  -//-

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I first listened to Black Medium Current on the day of its release, and since then it has eluded me putting it into words. More than a month later, I'm still fighting its elusive form, but eventually I did have to sit down and write about it. Now is that time.
Review by RaduP ››
Few have given the word crazy as much meaning in metal as Dødheimsgard. We call this avant-garde for a reason. This is a band deliberately pushing into the far corners of their musical realm to create a sound that is as comforting as it is alienating,...
Review by corrupt ››
Black metal and industrial music didn't mix too well over the years. I always wondered why. I suppose it must have been due to the 'orthodox' nature of the black metal scene. The result is that good industrial/black metal fusions can be...
Review by jupitreas ››

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