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1992-  Yusuke Sumita - guitars
2013-  Keisuke Hamada - drums
2013-  Shinichiro Hamada - guitars, vocals
2019-  Takachika Nakajima - bass
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1992-2001  Naoki Akamatsu - drums
1992-2004  Norihisa Fukuda - bass
1992-2004  Hideki Fujimoto - vocals
2001-2004  Yuichi "Ishitta" Ishiguro - drums
2004  Kiyomoto Takanashi - drums
2005  Tadashi Kurihara - drums
2005-2013  Kenji Sato - vocals
2005-2013  Haruhisa Takahata - bass
2006-2007  Takashi Nonaka - drums
2008-2009  Kyosuke Nakano - drums
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1998  George Fisher - backing vocals
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Death metal has been around for quite a while now and production values have certainly improved over all these years. Technical death metal bands in particular often pursue a crystal-clear, sterile sound that, while admittedly being selective, also castrates...
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A brutal band from Japan! Cool, seems that Japanese people are not just interested in Power and Progressive Metal bands! As many know, Heavy Metal is very popular in Japan, that's why they get those classy editions with bonus tracks, damn!

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