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2016-  Karl Willetts - vocals
2016-  Frank Healy - bass
2016-  Scott Fairfax - guitars
2020-  Spikey T. Smith - drums
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2016-2020  Andrew Whale - drums
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2017  Lynda "Tam" Simpson - spoken word

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Omne, I hear you ask, if a car was travelling west from Ipswich at 25 mph at 15:23 and a train left Cardiff Station travelling east at 67 mph, what time would dinner be?
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Pity the benighted peasants who will never know the staggering battery and merciless hellishness of well-executed old school death metal, for Memoriam is the type of band that turns mere musical notes into physical force. This is the sort of thing I picture when I hear the words "death metal".
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