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André Coelho Matos


1985-1990 Viper - vocals  
1991-2000 Angra - vocals, keyboards, piano  
2000-2006 Shaman - vocals  
2001-2019 Virgo - vocals  
2006-2019 Andre Matos - vocals, piano  
2010-2011 Symfonia - vocals  
2012-2019 Viper - vocals  
2018-2019 Shaman - vocals  

Studio musician

2000 Sieges Even - vocals  

Live musician

2008 Avantasia - vocals  

Guest musician

1997 Nepal - keyboards, backing vocals  
1998 Superior - vocals  
1998 Time Machine - vocals  
2000 Karma - vocals  
2001-2002 Avantasia - vocals  
2002 Holy Sagga - vocals  
2002 Luca Turilli - vocals  
2003 Avalanch - vocals  
2003 Dr. Sin - vocals  
2003 Aina - vocals  
2004 Korzus - vocals  
2004 Thalion - vocals  
2005 Avalanch - vocals  
2005 Henceforth - vocals  
2006 Eyes Of Shiva - vocals  
2007 Viper - vocals  
2008 Tren Loco - vocals (as Andre Matos)  
2009 Clairvoyants - vocals  
2009 Krusader - vocals  
2009 HDK - vocals  
2010 Avantasia - vocals  
2012 Trick Or Treat - vocals  
2013 Empürios - vocals  
2016 Art X - vocals  


09.03.2008 Andre Matos
29.04.2004 Shaman

Personal information

Also known as: Andre Matos
Born on: 14.09.1972
Died on: 08.06.2019

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Andre Coelho Matos (born September 14 of 1972) is the former vocalist, pianist and composer for the Heavy Metal bands Angra and Shaaman. Since October 2006 Andre Matos is dedicated to his solo band.

Matos grew up in his hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Matos began his musical education at the age of ten, when he received his first piano from his parents. As a teen, he would gather with his friends to listen to their favorite bands. Soon they began learning to play the music too, and Matos formed his first band, Viper. The band first performed on 8 April 1985, when he was just thirteen years old. That same year, they recorded their first demo tape, "The Killera Sword".

Within a short while, Viper had become a phenomenon in the Brazilian heavy metal scene. Though Matos continued on vocals, he had no pretention of remaining a vocalist, a role he assumed only because he had the "least poor vocals of all of them", and because he physically resembled Iron Maiden's vocalist, Bruce Dickinson. His instruments of choice were always the piano and keyboards. Matos left Viper when the band began to change its musical style. He had become interested in classical music, and felt that his musical vision had begun to diverge from that of the other band members, who wanted to focus on heavier, more "crude" music.

After leaving Viper, Andre went back to school and finished his education in music, specializing in orchestral conducting and composition.

In 1991 Angra was formed, and with the first album, "Angels Cry", released in 1993, the band became famous in Japan and Europe. Later "Holy Land" and "Fireworks" were released. Angra's style evolved from a Helloween-inspired melodic speed metal to an unique blend of heavy-metal, classical music and traditional Brazilian influences which brought them worldwide critical appraise.

Andre took part in a worldwide contest for replacing Bruce Dickinson in Iron Maiden and was in the Top 3 finalists alongside James LaBrie and eventual winner, Blaze Bayley. ( wasn't his replacement Edu Falaschi that almost won the Maiden job) <- ( Both took part in the contest. While Andre was in the Top 3 World finalists, Edu was selected in the Brazilian contest only. )

In 2001, he left the band Angra alongside the rhythm section composed of Luis Mariutti (bass) and Ricardo Confessori (drums) because of a disagreement with guitar players Rafael Bittencourt and Kiko Loureiro concerning the band's management. The two guitar players then recruited Edu Falaschi (vocals), Aquiles Priester (drums) and Felipe Andreoli (bass), and kept the name "Angra". Andre stayed with Angra's former rhythm section and recruited Luis' brother Hugo Mariutti on the guitar : together they formed the band Shaman, who had to change names to Shaaman before the release of their second album for legal reasons.

After leaving Shaaman along with the Mariutti brothers, he recorded a new album under the name "Andre Matos", released in August 2007 in Japan.

-Soldiers Of Sunrise - 1987
-Theatre Of Fate - 1989

-Angels Cry - 1993
-Holy Land - 1996
-Fireworks - 1998

-Ritual - 2002
-Reason - 2005

Andre Matos
-Time To Be Free - 2007
-Mentalize - 2009
-The Turn Of The Lights - 2012

-In Paradisum - 2011

-Demo (EP) - 2001
-RituAlive (Live) - 2003
-Innocence (Single) - 2005
-Reaching Horizons (Demo tape) - 1992
-Evil Warning (Single) - 1994
-Make Believe (Single) - 1996
-Freedom Call (EP) - 1996
-Holy Live (live EP) - 1997
-Rainy Nights (Single) - 1997
-Lisbon (Single) - 1998