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Tony Martin Harford


1987-1991 Black Sabbath - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
1992- Tony Martin - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, violin (as Tony Martin)  
1993-1997 Black Sabbath - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
1995- Giuntini Project II - vocals  
1998- Dario Mollo / Tony Martin - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
2001- Rondinelli - vocals  

Studio musician

2022 Quartz - vocals (as Tony Martin)  

Live musician

2014 Sebastien - vocals (as Tony Martin)  

Guest musician

2006 Phenomena - vocals  
2010 Phenomena - vocals  
2010 Star One - vocals  
2011 Arrayan Path - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
2011 Black Widow USA - vocals  
2011 Wolfpakk - vocals  
2015 The V - vocals  
2015 Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
2015 Sebastien - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
2015 Lazy Bonez - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
2016 Zix - vocals (as Tony Martin)  
2022 Star One - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Tony Martin
Born on: 19.04.1957

Anthony Martin Harford, (born April 19, 1957) is a heavy metal vocalist best known for his work with Black Sabbath from 1987 to 1991 and again from 1993 to 1997. Martin was the band's second longest serving vocalist after Ozzy Osbourne.

Martin has since been involved in many other projects (such as the Tony Martin Band, M3, The Alliance, Misha Calvin, The Cage, Giuntini Project II), Phenomena's Psychofantasy album, yet is most remembered for his time in Sabbath, an opportunity he originally was somewhat reluctant to pursue.

Despite performing almost exclusively as a vocalist, Martin is a multi-instrumentalist, stating in an interview that he plays guitar, bass, drums, violin, keyboards, harmonica, bagpipes, and pan pipes. On his 2005 solo album Scream, Tony performed vocals, bass, drums, violin and additional guitar parts.