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In 2005 a yet unrevealed secret called POWERWOLF invaded the metal scene with their debut album "Return In Bloodred". Sinister, wicked and wild as only real metal can be, that album delivered haunting, yet catchy anthems for both shivering horror atmosphere and screaming metal party mayhem.

Fronted by the charismatic maestro Attila Dorn, whose roots go back to Romania, the wolves soon made themselves heard with unique and celebrated live shows.

Songs like "Mr. Sinister" or "The Kiss Of The Cobra King" breathe the spirit of the essence of what heavy metal means, paying tribute to the godfathers of evil heavy music without being retro.

After the release of "Return In Bloodred" the wolves invaded festival stages in the summer of 2005, leaving a brandmark on events such as the Summer Breeze or Metal Blade Europe's 10th Anniversary festival, before embarking on a full European tour covering twelve countries as support to German metal legends GAMMA RAY in October.

In July the wolves came back to the stages to play some more festival shows, including a celebrated appearance at probably the most renowned festival for heavy metal - Germany's Bang Your Head!

Allowing themselves no rest they soon started working on the follow up to "Return In Bloodred". Locking themselves away in their fog veiled rehearsal room during autumn 2006, Attila and the pack went through a cathartic struggle with themselves to reach the core of their passion: "Ever since these five individuals that form POWERWOLF came together, we felt a strong bond that went far beyond our passion for metal - it is something spiritual, some people would even say religious," says organ player Falk Maria Schlegel. "Metal is a lifestyle - metal is religion! That's what it's all about!"

Obsessed by that credo the wolves stirred the flame in an intense four-month songwriting period. "It was a truly emotional process. I've never been that dedicated to any piece of music in all my life so far," Attila Dorn reflects. In the end the band had written ten brand new tunes carrying on where "Return In Bloodred" left off, and going far beyond at the same time: Songs as "We Take It From The Living" or "Prayer In The Dark" feature all trademarks of typical POWERWOLF songs adding both more melodic density as well as pounding heaviness and more epic moments than ever before.

Paying tribute to the spiritual feeling of the album, POWERWOLF recorded parts of it in a chapel built in the 12th century. "It was haunting. Recording in a church can not be compared to any studio situation. You can breathe history in such a place and it was definitely the most inspirational surrounding we could have chosen for the creation of this album," Matthew Greywolf says. "On the title track as well as on 'In Blood We Trust' we even worked with a 30-piece classical choir, which was amazing!"

For the mix they finally went to famous Studio Fredman in Sweden, where Fredrik Nördström (who was also responsible for the acclaimed sound on "Return In Bloodred") put the final touches on the album, delivering a ground-shaking heavy sound.

Lyrically dealing with the word of the bible and the dogmas of metal, "Lupus Dei" features everything POWERWOLF is about: haunting horror atmospheres, spiritual organ madness, Attila's once again outstanding and unique vocal performance - and most of all: ten extremely catchy metal anthems soon to be howled by many wolf-addicted souls!

Our Father who art in heaven - our daily metal give us today!


The unusual power metal Powerwolf was formed in Essen, Germany, in 2003 and features the two Greywolf brothers Matthew and Charles alongside Attila Dorn. Dorn, who originates from Romania, has put a unique personal touch on the band, passing on his heritage in the shape of a strict vampiric image. 2005 became a very important year for the band as they were picked up by the major independent metal label Metal Blade Records who released their debut album. They also contributed a cover version of Armored Saint's classic "March of the Saint" for Metal Blade's 2005 "Rooooaaaar" compilation.

Live activities following the album released included appearances at the three German festivals Summer Breeze, Holzstock and Rock-Well as well as a support slot on the Gamma Ray / Nocturnal Rites European tour in September and October of 2005. During 2006 the band only did a few seIect shows while working on material for a sophomore album, "Lupus Dei", which was released in early May 2007.