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Darkspace is an ambient black metal band from Switzerland, comprising of three humans who call themselves Wroth, Zaaral and Zorgh. Spaceage names for an equally space age project. True to its name what Darkspace' music describes is the nothingness of space.

Their style is characterized by an ambient surrounding, hazy production and monotonic sounds, but which is somewhat uniquely melodic and variable. Mute guitar passages with blastbeats take turns with milder passages and sometimes even completely electronic passages, providing a fitting tribute to the cold, dark and void like atmosphere which fills their work. Unlike most pure black metal bands, Darkspace also uses some rhythmic, death-metal-oriented parts. This is evident in their first full-length-album "Dark Space I".

Darkspace borrows a great deal of influence from electronic music, eerie, ambient synthlines which flow from the guitars. Passage with clear electronic club kicks or total void like ambience are incorporated into vocal samples alongside the unnaturally lyricless and very alien sounding screams.