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Founded in 1986 by singer/guitarist Tommy Victor, then a soundman at New York City's renowned CBGB's, Prong put the New York hardcore scene on notice with two acclaimed independent releases, Primitive Origins and Force Fed. The albums attracted the attention of Epic Records, which signed the trio in 1989.

On its major-label debut, 1990's Beg To Differ, Prong showcased a refined approach accented by elements of progressive thrash. The following year, the band issued Prove You Wrong, which saw the band experiment with programming and electronic samples while retaining an aggressive yet melodic sensibility.

But it was 1994's Cleansing that cemented the group's reputation as leaders of the burgeoning industrial rock movement. Showcasing a sharper yet more accessible sound, the album included "Broken Peace" and the infectious "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck," videos for which became staples of MTV's legendary Headbanger's Ball.

After the release of 1996's Rude Awakening, Prong disbanded, and Victor quickly began collaborating with prominent rock figures such as Glenn Danzig and Rob Zombie. But with bassist Brian Perry, drummer Dan Laudo and touring guitarist Monte Pittman, Victor resurrected Prong in early 2002 in order to attend to what he considered "unfinished business." The mission is only partially accomplished, however, for Victor says the best is yet to come.

On the heels of a successful 42-show American tour, reunited industrial rock pioneers Prong had signed a worldwide recording deal with Locomotive Music in 2002. The label has released the band's first live album on Oct. 15, during a successful european tour. The new studio album named Scorpio Rising is now scheuduled for June 30th.

After a four-year hiatus, Prong returned last spring for a six-week American tour, during which the group's live CD - to serve as its first official release since 1996's Rude Awakening - was recorded. Mixed by Pat Regan (Deep Purple, Kiss), the album includes one new song: "Initiation," co-written by Halford/Diesel Machine guitarist Pat Lachman.

Shortly after completing its successful headline tour, Prong joined Danzig for nine weeks of performances throughout the U.S. The band appeared at London's Camden Underworld on Aug. 22 and at Belgium's Pukkelpop Festival on Aug. 23 before launching a three-week American headline tour on Oct. 16, 2002. Prong then returned to Europe for a month's worth of shows beginning Nov. 12.

The current incarnation of Prong includes singer/guitarist/founder Tommy Victor, drummer Dan Laudo and the band also is accompanied by guitarist Monte Pittman, a longtime friend of Victor and an alumnus of Madonna's recent Drowned World Tour.
Prong's lineup has been very fluid over the years, with Victor being the only constant. He says he initially considered touring under a different moniker. "For a while, I thought, 'I won't use this name; Prong is a dead entity,'" he says. "But really it isn't, because a good 95% of the material has been mine throughout the years, so I figured, 'Might as well just keep it going.' There's people out there that want to hear it, and I owe it to them."

"The new music is similar to Rude Awakening, but maybe even a little more simplistic," says Victor. "This time I started with lyrics, and developed from there, from what I've got going on personally, dealing with this planet Earth. All the songs are about something different, but they're all about the same thing innocence gone. On Rude Awakening, everyone was insane, and I was in that frame of mind. These songs are more like a sequel to Rude Awakening - That was about the craziness of the world, and this is more about how I'm dealing with it"

From the nuclear bomb that graced the cover, to the lyrics that permeated the album, there was a lot of fear on Rude Awakening. The difference now, is that Victor has learned to cope with that fear, and has realized he has no control over it. "Everything fell apart, and that happens with everybodySomeway, somehow, you have to endure and put it all back together again, and that's what I had to do."

"Beware of Scorpio Rising - the ultimate Prong sound of the new century. This is the definite soundtrack for the year 2003. High quality, total honesty and absolutely Prong!!!"