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Words Of Farewell - Biography




Initiated by lead guitarists Erik Gaßmus and Phillipp Olivier, the German Progressive Death Metal band Words Of Farewell formed in early 2007.

After four months of rehearsing, the 7 track EP Ashes Of The Coming Dawn was recorded and published in a quantity of 500 units.
In autumn 2008 the band recorded the 4 track CD From Now On... for promotional purposes.
From June to December 2010, the band produced the debut album Immersion. Taken from this production, the song "Sorae" was uploaded to various internet platforms where fans and musicians sang from the treetops.

Since early 2012 Words Of Farewell cooperate with the German record label AFM Records from Hamburg. The first official act was the distribution of Immersion Europe-wide on March 30th and in the USA on May 8th, 2012.
Countless reviews from both national and international critiques awarded the album very high marks, in some cases the highest possible.
Shows on festivals as well as concerts with legends of the genre like Scar Symmetry and Dark Tranquillity followed.

Shortly afterwards, the second studio album The Black Wild Yonder was produced, once again at Metallurgy Studios. AFM Records released the album world wide in March 2014.
The third album, A Quiet World was recorded and released in 2016, once again via AFM Records.

In 2020 the band put out the new EP Inner Universe in cooperation with Pitchback studios' Aljoscha Sieg.