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Shylmagoghnar - Biography




Having met at an early age, Nimblkorg and Skirge quickly became blood brothers. Sharing many visions and a passion for alternative music, in particular (black) metal, the idea of Shylmagoghnar was born. Soon afterwards some early demos were written. However, due to personal setbacks, which would take up time for years to come, the concept of Shylmagoghnar was put on hold almost indefinitely.

Much later, work on the album continued with a vengeance. While the original concepts and the black metal influences were maintained, the years long hiatus had allowed the two founding members to grow and evolve in their musical paths. With the flame rekindled, they decided that their first album would be a two man project, drawing energy and inspiration from life and its struggles. Combining old material with new-found inspiration, Emergence was born.

The themes of Shylmagoghnar range from philosophy, life, dreams/visions, nature and the universe to emotions and abstract mysticism. The genre has its roots in black metal, with a progressive and/or atmospheric nature. Other influences that can be heard are melodic death and thrash.

(Source: Official website, 6.12.2015)