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Sinergy - Album Update

According to the official Children Of Bodom fan site Scythes Of Bodom, guitarist Alexi Laiho revealed that Sinergy's long awaited fourth album "Sins Of The Past" is still not complete. Some solos and vocals have yet to be recorded - work that could be finished in only a couple days - but it seems there is a risk that the previously recorded material has been lost. The material was reportedly nowhere to be found last week. No further details have been released, but the search continues, and Alexi seemed hopeful that it hasn't vanished permanently.

"Sins Of The Past" was originally due to be released in 2005. Recordings began in June 2004 at Finnvox Studios.

Sinergy features vocalist Kimberly Goss, COB's Alexi Laiho and guitarist Roope Latvala and Stratovarius/Kotipelto bassist Lauri Porra.

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Posted: 26.03.2007 by Thryce


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26.03.2007 - 17:08
Account deleted
Finally I was waiting for a long time for this material
26.03.2007 - 17:27

I really hope for them that they don't lose their previous material for the recording. . Good luck band! We're waiting patiently for your next album!
26.03.2007 - 18:00
Finally ! It was about time, i really hope the album will be out soon.
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26.03.2007 - 19:51
Hey! News!!! That would suck if they lost the material but honestly I'm just happy to hear that my favourite band is still alive and kicking!
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Is what I choose
At the end of my days"
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26.03.2007 - 21:35
Account deleted
Finally the album is coming.
26.03.2007 - 22:23

it was about time they made some noise about themselves. Sucks that the material may be gone though
26.03.2007 - 22:49
Daru Jericho

Oh shit. They better not have lost that old material. I've ben waiting for this album for seemingly forever.
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27.03.2007 - 01:57
Bitch Boy

I hope they find the material that has been already recorded. I want these "couple of days", the time that will take them to record the final solos, to come soon.
27.03.2007 - 15:21

next will come a movie called "some kind of reaper" about why it took so long to make and why it sucks (hopefully it wonk suck if its like their last album, but laiho's effort of late dont look so positive).
30.03.2007 - 08:32
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Look like Laiho was drunk...again, and lost the material, woops!

....either that or I smell anoth chinese democracy...though to a smaller degree.
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24.06.2009 - 19:56

Did they find it?
11.07.2009 - 21:16
Account deleted
I want this album

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