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Equilibrium - Introduce New Singer, Release 'Shelter' Single

It's been silent around the Equilibrium camp for quite some time, but the German modern metal act has finally shared a new single, titled "Shelter". The song was written and procuced by René Berthiaume and Cleo Tiger, mixed by Robin Leijon and René Berthiaume and mastered by Dom R. Crey at the Splendid Waves Studios. It has an important meaning for the band, as it doesn’t only herald the beginning of Equilibrium’s next chapter in their career; it also introduces the band’s new singer, Fabian Getto.

“During the last months, we contemplated much on what Equilibrium means to us – musically and lyrically. And even though there are some important parameters shaping our style, we usually just start writing without questioning the process at all”, states bandleader René. "Powerful gutturals, sharp riffs, and a unique blend between modern and folk metal – ‘Shelter’ presents the six-piece as the much-proclaimed phoenix rising from the ashes, ready to shine for the next three decades of Equilibrium. We are very motivated and inspired and full of ideas”, closes René. “We want to create music without any compromises and just want to bring the feelings that we had in the studio to the stage. Currently, we’re continuously working on new songs and new shows.”

René also states about the new singer: "We did an open casting call and Fabian sent in a vocal performance of ‘Renegades’ that caught our attention. There was something special about him and we had to follow this intuition. Right from the first meeting, we had an incredibly good connection and a productive and creative day in the studio. It seems like the person that we were looking for with our public casting call finally found his way to us.”

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Posted: 08.07.2023 by nikarg


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08.07.2023 - 09:02

Sounds a bit like Whispered but very generic at the same time... still missing the old style, wonder what the rest of the new record will bring however have no high expectations.
08.07.2023 - 09:05

It makes me sad to see this once mighty band refered to as a 'modern metal act'.
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08.07.2023 - 15:36

Written by 24emd on 08.07.2023 at 09:05

It makes me sad to see this once mighty band refered to as a 'modern metal act'.

I was about to say exactly this. Says a lot about how this band completely lost itself

The new singer's voice sounds more metalcore than extreme folk sadly.. But I have to say this doesn't sound quite as bad as most of the last album actually, so let's see. As long as the new bassist shuts the fuck up, his voice was absolutely atrocious on the last album and I could never even finish that album because of him.
Use the words "generic" or "overrated" and I'll ignore your comment / review / person.
08.07.2023 - 18:39

R.I.P. Equilibrium
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08.07.2023 - 19:19

Nope... just nope.
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08.07.2023 - 19:32

Written by 24emd on 08.07.2023 at 09:05

It makes me sad to see this once mighty band refered to as a 'modern metal act'.

I kind of debated with myself on whether I should use this term, since I find it pretty much ridiculous, but it was on the press release and I thought "what the hell"...
12.07.2023 - 02:51

Equilibrium sounds like they have been influenced by Amaranthe.
05.08.2023 - 15:20

Why can't these dudes get anything right?
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