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Souls For Sale (GER) - Scavengers review

Band: Souls For Sale (GER)
Album: Scavengers
Release date: March 2013

01. The Great Deluge
02. Walking On Pain Street
03. Scavengers In Suits
04. Fromselflootingtoanassaultdrivenapproachofbreakingfree
05. The King Of Kong
06. The Circus Is In Town
07. Zielenvisserij
08. The Libya Gundown Incident
09. Dead Men Tell No Tales
10. cquainted Black
11. Almería

Hardcore. Hxc. HardxCore. xXHxCXx XXXXXXXXxxXXXxXxXXxXXcOereXeeckydqerfug;rlfi.
You get the idea.

Have you ever imagined yourself in a music video for a band?

Or perhaps playing as them in a life performance?

Well, Souls For Sale (GER) really put that imagine in my mind. I can picture myself forcefully walking down my school's halls whilst being backed up by the thundering and groovy riffs. I can picture myself throwing down a hardcore stomp on stage when the first snare hit of a great d-beat fill starts. I can picture myself seeing this band go places, and that my friends, is a very good thing.

The music here is down tuned, heavy and merciless stuff. Rolling melodic riffs and crush chugs come from the guitars; relentless, pounding drums fill my headphones with enough noise to drown out downtown New York City. Angry, spiteful vocals top off the mix. The quick, sharp yells really tie together the music. The short song lengths make this a really in-your-face experience. Imagine being in the ring with Mike Tyson. It only takes a few good hard knocks before you're down and out.

Another cool thing about this release is the bit of ambience in the intros of the tracks. The light and atmospheric noise, combined with some sound samples is a nice counterbalance to the relentless nature of the rest of this music.

The production on this album is stellar, everything is mixed very well. The vocals are buried nice and deep in the mix, the bass is loud, and the drums aren't over powering. This is a huge bonus, as most of the time; music like this is ruined by awful, sterile overproduction. Kudos to the mixer.

This is a fantastic release. I'm very impressed with every aspect of this. It's available through WOOAAARGH records in many different formats; yet another plus. Check it out here.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Boxcar Willy | 13.04.2013


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13.04.2013 - 22:17

Good review, although references to other bands in the genre would helpful to the reader. I still didn't really get the sense of what they would sound like just by reading your review.
15.04.2013 - 05:47

"Hardcore. Hxc. HardxCore. xXHxCXx XXXXXXXXxxXXXxXxXXxXXcOereXeeckydqerfug;rlfi."


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