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Varathron - Patriarchs Of Evil review


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Band: Varathron
Album: Patriarchs Of Evil
Style: Black metal
Release date: April 2018

01. Tenebrous
02. Into The Absurd
03. Luciferian Mystical Awakening
04. Saturnian Sect
05. Remnants Of The Dark Testament
06. Hellwitch (Witches Gathering)
07. Orgasmic Nightmares Of The Arch Desecrator
08. Ouroboros Dweller (The Dweller Of Barathrum)

Hellenic black metal horde Varathron are celebrating 30 years in the scene and to mark this anniversary they have released another epic, dark and atmospheric masterpiece, Patriachs Of Evil.

Back in the day five Greek bands were emerging from obscurity almost at the same time; I was a teenager when Rotting Christ, Septicflesh, Varathron, Necromantia and Nightfall were taking their first steps in the extreme metal world. The first two went a long way to become famous and widely acclaimed, while Varathron remained an underground sensation. Their full-length discography is of rare quality but you wouldn't exactly call it vast; Patriachs Of Evil is only their sixth LP.

As was the case with the criminally unnoticed Stygian Forces Of Scorn, the band's latest release displays surprising accessibility and contains enough nods to their early days to be characterized as a collection of the great and extreme metallic flavours this small Mediterranean country has offered us all these years. Apart from referencing the aforementioned bands, this release hints at other Greek acts too; the pagan folk melodies of Kawir, the crunchy heavy metal riffs of Zemial, the ritualistic atmosphere of Nergal and the battlefield epicness of Macabre Omen can also be traced, but in the end this shamanic cloth is unmistakably of Varathron's unique weave.

Patriachs Of Evil is the music heard in Kharon's black-sailed ship when it crosses the river Acheron to carry the souls of the deceased to the realm of Hades. "Tenebrous" opens the gate to the underworld with sinister melodies alternating with fiery blastbeats. "Into The Absurd" clashes with Thou Art Lord's "Societas Satanas" for the prize of the best black/thrash mosh pit anthem ever recorded. "Luciferian Mystical Awakening" portrays the rising from the ashes of all darkness and malevolence, while the haunting black metal ballad, "Remnants Of The Dark Testament", is the stuff nightmares are made of. "Ouroborous Dweller (The Dweller Of Barathrum)" pays homage to Bathory with ghostly choirs, abyssal screams and blasphemous laughter, complemented by creepy guitars and closes an album filled with Homeric inspiration in the most grand and epic way.

The stellar songwriting is only one of the three heads of this Cerberus though; the band's performance is equally awe-provoking. Stefan's vocals are passionate and versatile and a far cry from the one-dimensional shrieks often encountered in this genre. The guitars are playing one unforgettable riff after another, the rhythm section puts on a spellbinding performance and the keyboards exude occult mysticism. Which brings us to the third head of this beast: the atmosphere. When Varathron gathered in their lair to record this album they were determined to prove that they are indeed the patriarchs of ominous, threatening and murky atmosphere.

Patriarchs Of Evil is not a return to form by Varathron for such a statement would not do justice to their flawless discography; it's more accurate to say that the Greeks have put out a record that is worthy of their legacy and a black metal album of the year contender.

Dwell eternally in darkness and evil.

"The stars erode and freeze
As the suns set and the spaces
Between become tremendous
In the nights without
Saturnian moons"

Written on 22.06.2018 by Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud!


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22.06.2018 - 01:42
Rating: 10
Great review, and definitely my favorite black metal release this year thus far!
23.06.2018 - 04:14
Rating: 8
Lord Slothrop
Another band I've never heard of, so thanks for bringing them to my attention. I've only listened to it once, but really enjoyed it. Much more melodic than I expected. Looking forward to some more spins, so to speak.
24.06.2018 - 06:18
Rating: 9
Every track has something to offer my personal fav are tenebrous, and saturnian sect. The whole album is a great blend of everything i love in metal as a whole.

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