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Holycide - Towards Idiocracy review

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Band: Holycide
Album: Towards Idiocracy
Style: Thrash metal
Release date: June 2024

01. A.I. Supremacy
02. Towards Idiocracy
03. Remote Control
04. Lie Is The New Truth
05. Power Corrupts
06. Technophobia
07. Angry For Nothing
08. Chemical Dependency [Atrophy cover]
09. Pleased To Be Deceived
10. Flamethrower 'Em All

World peace and political accountability would be a terrible thing for thrash metal, leaving bands scrambling around for inspiration and imagery on which to base their output. Thankfully for bands like Holycide, they aren't likely to being made redundant anytime soon; a good thing for them, too, as otherwise Towards Idiocracy would be pretty devoid of content. What Holycide lack in originality, they make up for in passion and energy; as a result, Towards Idiocracy is a high-powered thrill ride that may feel familiar, but will still get the blood flowing regardless.

Kicking off with pedal pushed so hard to the floor that Holycide risk Flintstoning their vehicle, Towards Idiocracy blasts off at a rate of speed and doesn't look back. With choice cuts like the title track, "Power Corrupts" and "Pleased To Be Deceived", the band wear their influences on their sleeves, but manage to channel them into strong tracks. While no element sticks out as being the focal point of the band's attack, the group work well as a unit.

With the production work of Milla and Billia creating a thrilla...ahem, creating a sound that balances the band's penchant for power with sonic clarity, it gives tracks like "Technophobia" a vibrancy and tone that presents Holycide in their best light, a clarity that benefits their intentions.

As alluded to earlier, as enjoyable as Towards Idiocracy is, there is little that distinguishes it within the crowded thrash scene; instead, it runs through what by now are all the standard tropes and sounds that have been passed around more than a copy of No Life 'Til Leather in the 80s tape trading scene. While this isn't a unique problem that only Holycide encounter, it is one that they make no efforts to address, leaving the album resting solely on its quality to separate it from the pack; unfortunately, as enjoyable as it is, Towards Idiocracy lacks enough to avoid getting lost in the shuffle.

While it is unlikely to be an album you'll reach for regularly, Towards Idiocracy is one you will enjoy on the occasion that you dust it off and put it on rotation.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 6
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 3
Production: 6

Written on 29.05.2024 by Just because I don't care doesn't mean I'm not listening.


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06.06.2024 - 11:22
Cynic Metalhead
Paisa Vich Nasha
Extremely get in your nerve cringe-y average thrash. One time spin album.

Kudos to your patience clipping a review for this.

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