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Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy review


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Band: Ratt
Album: Invasion Of Your Privacy
Release date: 1985

01. You're In Love
02. Never Use Love
03. Lay It Down
04. Give It All
05. Closer To My Heart
06. Between The Eyes
07. What You Give Is What You Get
08. Got Me On The Line
09. You Should Know By Now
10. Dangerous But Worth The Risk

After the really wonderful debut album "Out Of The Cellar" Ratt put on their make-up, the leather clothes, the bright colours and invaded the sleazy universe with another masterpiece, "Invasion Of Your Privacy". The cover is gentle while compared to the cover of "Out Of The Cellar", but it still has an intense erotic approach and in combination with the title of the album, "Invasion Of Your Privacy", it proves that it's not so innocent after all.

The whole feeling this time seems definitely more upbeat and the production is better, helping the whole dirty and rocking feeling be more vivid. The song structure is more mature and this is quite obvious while listening to the compositions of "Invasion Of Your Privacy", everything seems perfect, well-placed, well-executed and above all sleazy!

The guitar work is better this time, without this meaning that the guitars were not so good on "Out Of The Cellar", on the contrary, they rocked all the way, it's just that with "Invasion Of Your Privacy" everything seems better. The on-tempo guitar riffing keeps the groove alive and in a danceable way as always while the guitars whenever it is needed to burst into solos they do it in the most appropriate way, with utterly poser n' show-off solos that are just awesome and inspired! Seriously now, the solos are fiery and make the songs way more enjoyable! And for me what is really important, alongside the good guitar work, is that the band returned dirtier and sleazier, making their overall attitude more vivid through their music.

The bass lines just pace with the flow of the album and the drumming has that "bad boy boogie" sound n' rhythm that makes the songs really groovy. Stephen Pearcy for one more time sounds so fabulous, with his wonderful vocals giving life to the lyrics in the most way. What is really remarkable is the fact that this time he sounds even dirtier, helping this way in the more upbeat and groovy feeling of "Invasion Of Your Privacy". Of course the sing-along passages couldn't be missing. They are present and they make you pretend you were the singer of the band, posing all alone in your room with a microphone in your hand!

The upbeat "You're In Love" opens the album in the most ideal way and passes the point of Ratt to the listener from its very first seconds. "You're in love" sings Pearcey and all hell breaks loose with the soloing guitars setting the world on fire! And then the groovy "Never Use Love", the more emotional "Closer To My Heart", the rolling "Between The Eyes" and "You Should Know By Now", the dynamite "Got Me On The Line" etc follow to drown you in a world of "forbidden" pleasures!

"Invasion Of Your Privacy" is "dangerous but worth the risk", let your blood run wild!

Written on 03.01.2006 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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10.08.2009 - 17:18

Again, very solid album by a somewhat forgotten band. To the list of songs I'd have to add "the infectious "Lay It Down" with one of best guitar licks ever".

EDIT: Solid in this case means very avarage. No wonder I haven't been listening to this all these years.
04.12.2009 - 04:29

Great album, my favorite from Ratt. "Closer To My Heart" is one of my favorite power ballads ever.
24.07.2015 - 17:57
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