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The Order - Son Of Armageddon review

Band: The Order
Album: Son Of Armageddon
Style: Hard rock, Melodic heavy metal
Release date: 2006

01. Madmen With Loaded Guns
02. Son Of Armageddon
03. On The Radio
04. Sweet Stranger
05. Love Died
06. Not Satisfied
07. As One Tonight
08. Loser
09. One Man

Maybe that some of you remember Gurd, this really good band of groovy Thrash Metal from Switzerland. To be honest I remember their albums "Down The Drain" released in 1998 and "Encounter" (2003) but I totally lost them after this last album. For the information, Bruno Spring their guitarist left the band in 2004 to form a new project with a different musical orientation, The Order was born!

Don't worry if The Order is more into Hard Rock than Thrash, Bruno still knows how to write kick ass guitar riffs! That's simple, The Order plays melodic Hard Rock but with some big "Thrashy" killer riffs. The result is really good and for sure all the songs are hyper catchy. From the really rock "n" roll track "Not Satisfied" to the thrash influenced one "Son Of Armageddon" all the songs are powerful as hell and never lack of rhythm. Also, like on all the best Hard Rock release we also have a nice melancholic bluesy ballad, "Love Died". As you can see nothing is missing on this release, "Son Of Armageddon" with its really good compositions is a good album of Hard Rock.

Also, you must know that the excellent singer of Pure Inc, Gianni Pontillo, completes the line up. With his really beautiful hoarsy voice, Gianni was probably the best choice to do the vocals on this album. That's simple his voice his just perfect for Hard Rock and it's good to see that Mr Gianni is also able to sing on some powerful songs like this famous "Son Of Armageddon". But to sum up, with The Order anyway we cannot say that we have a problem with the musicians, at the opposite they're all perfectly doing their job.

The production of "Son Of Armageddon" is good, the songs are good, the musicians are good and it's nice to see that even if Bruno Spring wanted to do something really different he didn't forget to add some great guitars riffs in the music. The first album of The Order is maybe not revolutionary but it's damn promising for the future of the combo, and damn I'm sure that the band will kick a lot of asses during their live performances. Don't miss "Son Of Armageddon" if you just pretend to love classy Hard Rock!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 16.08.2006

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