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The Order


2004-  Bruno Spring - guitars
2004-  Andrej Abplanalp - bass
2004-  Mauro "Tschibu" Casciero - drums
2005-  Gianni Pontillo - vocals
2006  V.O. - choirs vocals
› 2016  -//- vocals
2006-2007  Franky Winkelmann - backing vocals
2016  Thom Blunier - guitars

Latest reviews

"Metal Casino" is the second album of Gianni Pontillo and his mates of Gurd under the name of The Order and this is already a nice confirmation of the potentiality of this band. "Son Of Armageddon" their first release was already a...   Review by Jeff ››
Maybe that some of you remember Gurd, this really good band of groovy Thrash Metal from Switzerland. To be honest I remember their albums "Down The Drain" released in 1998 and "Encounter" (2003) but I totally lost them after this last...   Review by Jeff ››

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