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Title: Son of Sweden
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Favorite bands: Equilibrium, Týr, Bathory, Blind Guardian, Dark Tranquillity, Ensiferum, Gamma Ray, Forest Stream, Elvenking, Korpiklaani, Orphaned Land, Tuatha De Danann, Wuthering Heights, Falkenbach, Eluveitie, Glittertind, Cain's Offering, Blackmore's Night, Trollfest, Forest Of Shadows, Beautiful Sin, Strydegor, Kromlek, Celesty, Your Mom Has Balls, What?, Crimfall, Windrider, Edenbridge, Black Messiah, Minas Morgul, XIV Dark Centuries, Manowar, Caladan Brood, Twilight Force, Battlesoul

Latest Staff pick

Trollfest - Villanden
30.09.2010 | Folk Metal

These crazy Norwegians I found by mistake and I am glad I did with their original crazy blend of folk metal. If you like folk metal and you want to hear something different then Trollfest are what you need. They have a nack for throwing various instruments out at you through their albums and I even heard a Kazoo somewhere along the course of this album. They're a good party band and you cannot take them seriously, they even manage to make duck sounds.

So you need something out of the ordinary? Here you go.... Trollfest.
Thumbs up: daniell_p