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Judas Priest Albums Ranked From Best To Worst

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As You can see on the ratings I'm not the largest Priest fan even if I enjoy most of their records to some extent. There's something with their style that didn't click with me in the way other similar bands did (Iron Maiden, Saxon for example).
I would however never downplay the importence of their legacy in the history of metal. They are truly up there along with Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Deep Purple as the bands that early on shaped heavy metal.

Created by: majormalfunction | 09.10.2020

1. Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny
1976 Rating: 9 Top picks: The Ripper, Tyrant, Dreamer Deceiver/ Deceiver
2. Judas Priest - Painkiller
1990 Rating: 9 Top picks: Between The Hammer & The Anvil, Leather Rebel, Nightcrawler
3. Judas Priest - Nostradamus
2008 Rating: 8 Top picks: Alone, Nostradamus, Future of Mankind
4. Judas Priest - Stained Class
1978 Rating: 8 Top picks: Beyond the Realms of Death, Stained Class, Saints in Hell
5. Judas Priest - Sin After Sin
1977 Rating: 7 Top picks: Dissident Aggressor, Sinner, Here Come the Tears
6. Judas Priest - Demolition
2001 Rating: 7 Top picks: Bloodsuckers, Subturfuge, Jekyll and Hyde
7. Judas Priest - Firepower
2018 Rating: 7 Top picks: Never the Heroes, Rising from the Ruins, No Surrender
8. Judas Priest - Killing Machine (Hell Bent For Leather)
1978 Rating: 7 Top picks: Delivering The Goods, Hell Bent for Leather, Running Wild
9. Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla
1974 Rating: 6 Top picks: Run of the Mill, One for the Road, Never Satisfied
10. Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith
1984 Rating: 6 Top picks: Freewheel Burning, Jawbreaker, The Sentinel
11. Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance
1982 Rating: 6 Top picks: Electric Eye, Screaming for Vengeance, Riding on the Wind
12. Judas Priest - British Steel
1980 Rating: 5 Top picks: Breaking the Law, Metal Gods, Steeler
13. Judas Priest - Turbo
1986 Rating: 5 Top picks: Out in the Cold, Reckless, Hot for Love
14. Judas Priest - Redeemer Of Souls
2014 Rating: 5 Top picks: Redeemer of Souls, Battle Cry, Halls of Valhalla
15. Judas Priest - Jugulator
1997 Rating: 4 Top picks: Cathedral Spires, Burn in Hell, Blood Stained
16. Judas Priest - Angel Of Retribution
2005 Rating: 4 Top picks: Judas Rising, Angel, Eulogy
17. Judas Priest - Ram It Down
1988 Rating: 4 Top picks: Blood Red Skies, Ram it Down, I'm a Rocker
18. Judas Priest - Point Of Entry
1981 Rating: 3 Top picks: Desert Plains, Heading Out to the Highway, Turning Circles

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