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Dio Solo Albums Ranked

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Created by: majormalfunction | 21.01.2022

1. Dio - Holy Diver
1983 Rating: 9 Top picks: Stand Up and Shout, Straight Through the Heart, Don't Talk to Strangers
2. Dio - The Last In Line
1984 Rating: 8 Top picks: Egypt, The Last in Line, Evil Eyes
3. Dio - Dream Evil
1987 Rating: 8 Top picks: All The Fools Sailed Away, Sunset Superman, Naked in the Rain
4. Dio - Magica
2000 Rating: 8 Top picks: As Long as it's Not About Love, Lord of the Last Day, Losing My Insanity
5. Dio - Master Of The Moon
2004 Rating: 8 Top picks: Shivers, The Eyes, The Master of the Moon
6. Dio - Lock Up The Wolves
1990 Rating: 7 Top picks: Born of the Sun, Night Music, My Eyes
7. Dio - Strange Highways
1994 Rating: 6 Top picks: Jesus, Mary and the Holy Ghost, Bring Down the Rain, Give her the Gun
8. Dio - Killing The Dragon
2002 Rating: 6 Top picks: Killing the Dragon, Scream, Rock & Roll
9. Dio - Sacred Heart
1985 Rating: 5 Top picks: Sacred Heart, King of Rock N Roll, Like the Beat of a Heart
10. Dio - Angry Machines
1996 Rating: 3 Top picks: Black, This is Your Life

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