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Kevel - Mutatis Mutandis

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Release date: 23 October 2020
Style: Progressive sludge metal, Post-metal


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01. Of Being
02. Terraforming
03. The Apophatic
04. Arecibo
05. Cosmic Domination
06. Utopia Planitia

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"Post-black" has always been something of a nebulous term, one that means different things to different people. Some consider it to simply refer to bands that have evolved beyond the origins of black metal, such as Oranssi Pazuzu or Ihsahn's solo work, in the same way that post-punk was a departure from the simplicity of punk rock; others use it to describe blackgaze bands such as Deafheaven, whilst others still (myself included) imagine it to represent a fusion of black metal with post-metal. If one were to consider "post-black metal" to be black metal with explicit post-metal elements, there are few bands I can think of that have combined the two sounds as naturally and as adeptly as Kevel have on Mutatis Mutandis.

published 08.12.2020 | Comments (6)

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09.02.2021 - 18:40
Rating: 7

This album stood out in the post metal category of the current awards and I was convinced after some spins to vote for it. Consistent, with memorable melodies and a good production like you stand in front a crushing wall of sound, this was quite enjoyable.
04.01.2022 - 21:01
Rating: 9

Agree, i feel some behemothian riffs here and there, that I dont consider as a fault...

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