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Dreadrealm - Live From The Fall

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Release date: 31 January 2023
Style: Atmospheric black metal


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01. They Lived At The Fall
02. Where Demise Is Celebrated
03. The Wild Rose And Her Mourning Stone
04. The Eternal Fires Of Bleakmoor
05. The Fall Part I - Thrones Of Ignorance
06. The Fall Part II - Of Forest And Flame
07. Endurers Of The Fall

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Recorded and produced by Metren Angerjärv.

Cover artwork: "Rocky Mountain Landscape" by Albert Bierstadt.

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02.02.2023 - 10:18
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
You should all rewiev this as you did whit musclassia album.

Album is good, even I like debut better it has melodies, complex structure, vocals can be better, studio work can be better, but album is well. To be honest I prefer it more as latest Kvaen album musically. Song tittles are killer.
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Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''
I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
03.02.2023 - 19:13
Rating: 8
A Nice Guy
This is a solid album, very well composed and astonishingly prouduced aswel, the mix between the synths/keyboards, instruments and vox is supurb I'm very impressed with your guitar work as well, your leads are excellent but so too is your riffing, thee vocals are very well performed too, the growls aren't just harsh and aggressive but clear and understandable, and it goes without saying your cleans on the sixth and seventh tracks we're fantastic. I would say your work very much reminds me of Shylmagoghnar, and believe it or not I'm getting a hint of Ensiferum from the folkish melodies too, with the cleans reminding me of Falkenbach, all bands I greatly appreciate. This is a great album Metren, you should be very proud of your outcome here
03.02.2023 - 21:26
Rating: 7
Last two tracks were excellent
08.02.2023 - 10:29
Rating: 7
Spotify apparently interprets the 'Live From The Fall' title as meaning that this album is a live album recorded at The Fall, as every song title has '- Live' after it

Really good album Metren, nice mix of folksiness and atmo-black
19.02.2023 - 07:33
Theory Snob
Love the album artwork
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20.02.2023 - 09:59
Rating: 8
As much as I enjoyed the second half, the first half did less for me. I love The Fall II.
The album art is gorgeous. Makes me wonder if I can see Robin Williams by that lake!
26.05.2023 - 21:34
An extraordinarily late thank you to all who listened to the album and for all your kind comments. I should’ve thanked you all sooner. Here’s why I didn’t. Creating this album last December and this January was a nightmare. Writing and recording my first album as Dreadrealm was an inspired and exciting experience. Creating this album was different. I was energized and inspired while writing Live From The Fall from August to November. However, the final few months of writing, recording, re-recording and mixing material drained me. I wanted nothing to do with the album, metal, or even music for a long time after that. I needed to distance myself from my finished work mentally and physically. As I am recovered now, I’ll share some thoughts about the experience of having created two albums.

Making the first album is easy. At least it was for me. I was 27 when I wrote and released The Essence Of Winter. I had been writing music for 20 years and so I had a deep well of unfinished material to draw from for the album’s tracks. Based on feedback from metal fans here at Metal Storm, YouTube and elsewhere online, I made a good album.

Making the second album is a different beast of an experience. Now I had expectations to live up to, and there was no one more ready to think or say “you blew it” than myself. Also, I’d exhausted the best ideas of the last 20 years and needed to come up material that, at the very least, was as good as what I previously made. And I didn’t have 20 years to find new ideas this time.

I have a new level of respect for all one-person-projects who even get so far as releasing more than one album. I am honestly still not sure whether making my 2nd album was worth the mental exhaustion.

Alas, I’ve two albums with an average rating above 7 on Metal Storm now. Even if I still feel almost physically ill when I think of Live From The Fall, I guess that’s something to be proud of.

Most important, all of your comments suggest my music has offered the escapism for many listeners that only atmospheric metal can offer. For this reason, I would go through the trouble of making both albums again, if so needed.

Thank you, everyone.
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26.05.2023 - 23:04
Written by Metren on 26.05.2023 at 21:34

I still feel almost physically ill when I think of Live From The Fall

I'm sorry to read about your awful experiences with creating this album, but good to hear that you are better now. I hope you find a way to make music in the future without these negative feelings and pressures. I guess if there is any advice I can give as an outsider it is to not get dragged down by the expectations from previous works and just create what inspires you in the moment.
11.07.2023 - 23:38
Rating: 7
Don't know how I missed this upon release. The second half of this album is really great. Loved the clean vocals.

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