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2023: Jan-Jun

Same deal as always - scenes if I somehow manage to break the 1200-album record I hit last year

Created by: musclassia | 04.01.2023

1. Sermon - Of Golden Verse
[9.0] - Every bit as dope as I would hope the follow-up to Birth Of The Marvellous would be, and with a bit more range included too.
2. Fvnerals - Let The Earth Be Silent
[8.5] - Take Chelsea Wolfe's Abyss, make it doomier and more metallic, and you're approaching the majesty of this record.
3. Enslaved - Heimdal
[8.5] - Bit proggier than the last album, so less immediately engaging, but still unsurprisingly very solid from the band; Congelia is an awesome song.
4. Natt - Natt
[8.5] - Fascinating instrumental post-rock/metal/krautrock, two excellent first songs, then the final track goes beyond this to become celestial drone (metal), fantastic record.
5. Entropia - Total
[8.5] - Another thoroughly impressive outing from this eclectic psych-post-black troupe.
6. Insomnium - Anno 1696
[8.5] - Probably the best Insomnium record in over a decade.
7. Ikarie - Arde
[8.0] - More evocative d/d-tinged post-metal, excellent softer passages.
8. Hypno5e - Sheol
[8.0] - A very underappreciated band once again shows their quality.
9. Caratucay - Nocturnes Of The Incarcerated
[8.0] - Perhaps the first great ex-prog release of 2023, very long but quality songs, mostly extreme but more melodic detours work very well.
10. Bizarrekult - Den Tapte Krigen
[8.0] - Very solid, emotional, post-y black-y metal.
11. Death Engine - Ocean
[8.0] - Tad more post-metally than Mud, but still a great mesh of hardcore, noise rock and post-metal.
12. Riverside - ID.Entity
[8.0] - Moves a bit back towards the pre-LFATTM vibe that made Riverside so irresistible, and is probably their best since that period for it: fabulous release.
13. Hollow Hour - Till The Grey Skies Are Gone
[8.0] - Smooth prog/alt-metal from Denmark with definite VOLA vibes.
14. Rezn - Solace
[8.0] - Covers a few bases in the stoner spectrum, really solid record.
15. Ocean Of Grief - Pale Existence
[8.0] - Really nice melodic death/doom record.
16. The World is Quiet Here - Zon
[8.0] - Elaborate, engaging djent/prog-metalcore album (very prog with the 9+ minute songs); could have a bit more hookiness in there.
17. Scáth Na Déithe - Virulent Providence
[8.0] - 2 long songs with black, death, and Schammasch-style dark ambient in healthy portions.
18. Silent Whale Becomes A Dream - North
[8.0] - Elite post-rock band produces elite post-rock EP, they really have an aura that so many of their peers lack.
19. Oak - Disintegrate
[8.0] - Really nice one-song melodic d/d effort from Gaerea guy.
20. Anachronism - Meanders
[8.0] - Absolutely my kind of disso-death, with the atmospheres and tension.
21. Bosco Sacro - Gem
[8.0] - Really nice gloomy atmospheric rock/slightly metal release.
22. At The Altar Of The Horned God - Heart Of Silence
[8.0] - Refinement of an intriguing debut, sounds really good.
23. Suotana - Ounas I
[8.0] - Very entertaining extreme power/melodeath with lots of innate hookiness.
24. M83 - Fantasy
[8.0] - Really nice dreamy electronic/shoegaze/etc stuff.
25. Entheos - Time Will Take Us All
[8.0] - Pretty great progressive deathcore that sounds great in deathcore, djent, tech-death or prog mode.
26. Paenil Era - Deviere
[8.0] - Highly melodic and enchanting atmo-style black.
27. Late Night Venture - V: Bones Of The Extinct
[8.0] - Sounds a lot like Amenra mixed with Gloson, but is satisfying like both those bands can be.
28. Nemesis Sopor - Firmament
[8.0] - Emphatic, powerful, blast-heavy post-tinged black metal effort.
29. Úkryt - 1897
[8.0] - A more blackened version of Year Of No Light/Silent Whale Becomes A Dream, pretty awe-inspiring in its grandest moments.
30. Carnosus - Visions Of Infinihility
[8.0] - Good mix of riffs, solos and venom on this modern-sounding DM effort.
31. Khan - Creatures
[8.0] - Cool stoner doom/psychedelic rock, the mellow bits are particularly pleasant - the album in general feels like the best parts of Rama's Everything As One without the awkward bits; nice recommendation, Lucid Planet.
32. Vortesvin - The Beauty Of Extinction
[8.0] - Excessive at 83 minutes long, but it's actually a very solid prog death/black album with good musical extremes and moments.
33. Ethir Anduin - Холод
[8.0] - Strong, diverse, melodically inclined black metal with other elements in there.
34. Håndgemeng - Ultraritual
[8.0] - I liked the EP we covered in Clandestine Cuts, but I'm impressed by the jump they've made here; the desert rock sounds cool, the mellow Elder jams are lush, the sludgy bit are neat.
35. Dirge (IND) - Dirge
[8.0] - I'm disappointed that a post-metal album by Dirge doesn't indicate a return from the French band, but this Indian group are also very proficient at textured, atmospheric post-metal.
36. ...And Oceans - As In Gardens, So In Tombs
[8.0] - High-energy symph-tinged meloblack with style and substance.
37. Hyldr - Order Of The Mist
[8.0] - Very decent gothic doom debut with some unexpected musical detours.
38. Anatomy Of Habit - Black Openings
[8.0] - Unconventional post-metal with post-punk, industrial and death rock elements.
39. Remote Viewing - Modern Addictions
[8.0] - Solid slab of grim sludge with venom alongside some quieter noise rock moments.
40. Rye - В​с​ё
[8.0] - More stylistically consistent than the half-blackgaze/half-funeral doom debut, this ambient atmo-black release has a nice mix of approaches and subtle melody (with a little funeral doom return in the last song).
41. Gorod - The Orb
[8.0] - Upper-tier prog/tech-death, the jam midway through We Are The Sun Gods is dope.
42. Downfall Of Gaia - Silhouettes Of Disgust
[8.0] - Fairly gazey post-black.
43. Deviser - Evil Summons Evil
[8.0] - Very catchy meloblack.
44. Guts Club - Cliffs/Walls
[8.0] - Drone with noise rock vibes, works really well having the slow heavy drums building suspense.
45. For I Am King - Crown
[7.5] - Gothenburg-heavy metalcore that doesn't waste time with sung choruses; the balance between Gothenburg melodic riffs and moments of intensity vs the more chuggy metalcore is healthy and beneficial to the record.
46. Samtar - Shadow Of The King's Charade
[7.5] - Very solid modern prog album that takes cues from the likes of The Mars Volta, Rishloo and Caligula's Horse, while mostly remaining in rock territory.
47. Harboured - Harboured
[7.5] - Nifty posty, proggy blackened melodeath debut with lots of cool moments.
48. Isolde Laseon - Oh Dear
[7.5] - Really nice tone to these moody understated pop-style songs.
49. Úlfúð - Of Existential Distortion
[7.5] - More approachable than quite a few of the Icelandic black metal behemoths, this takes from black and death metal and the end result is rather satisfying.
50. Koronus - Sentinel
[7.5] - Overlong but consistently satisfying djent-heavy prog record.
51. Man Must Die - The Pain Behind It All
[7.5] - Really decent death that goes in a few different directions - groovy, techy, atmos/melodic - but manages to be consistently unpredictable and satisfying.
52. WuW - L'Orchaostre
[7.5] - Instru-post on Pelagic, not quite another Natt but has its own charms in use of electronics and groove.
53. Zopp - Dominion
[7.5] - Another cool Canterbury-style album, with occasional vocals now too.
54. Big Brave - Nature Morte
[7.5] - Another solid effort from these dronesters, love the percussion and vibe.
55. Periphery - Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre
[7.5] - Mixed emotions with this one; it's got a lot to like, but not enough for me to love, and a bit too much that just isn't clicking.
56. Klone - Meanwhile
[7.5] - Another very enjoyable proggy alt album from these guys that is just below being great.
57. Host - IX
[7.5] - Neat return to the goth rock times from the Paradise Lost cohort.
58. HamaSaari - Ineffable
[7.5] - Nicely atmospheric modern prog album, it has its heavy moments but is quite mellow too.
59. Dark Sanctuary - Cernunnos
[7.5] - Love the strings on the title track; really nice understated neoclassical darkwave.
60. Viscera - Carcinogenesis
[7.5] - Solid deathcore with good riffs, decent breakdowns and nice melodic guitar moments.
61. Walg - III
[7.5] - Exciting high-energy meloblack record.
62. Leiþa - Reue
[7.5] - Slightly questionable spoken vocals on track 2 aside, this is a really decent meloblack release, enjoyed it a lot.
63. Conjoined Twin Octopus - The Infinite Pregnancy
[7.5] - Fascinating genre-hopping madness.
64. Druids Of Eld - A Day Of Sorrow
[7.5] - Rich melodeath/doom with gothic tinges, impressive debut EP from Be'lakor live member.
65. 71TONMAN - Of End Times
[7.5] - Devastatingly heavy doomy sludge.
66. Santo Rostro - Despu​é​s No Habrá Nada
[7.5] - Very intriguing psychedelic stoner doom whatever album, it's got an oddball nature to it but not one that's necessarily wacky, and it sounds pretty dope.
67. TDK - Nemesta
[7.5] - Exuberant mesh of jazz, math rock, prog, and post-metal that works pretty well.
68. 66crusher - Limbo
[7.5] - Starts off as thrash but ends up closer to something like Evergrey, pretty solid album.
69. Hexer - Abyssal
[7.5] - Solid non-conventional sludge album with a few different musical flavours, both lighter and more primitive.
70. Skrying Mirror - Omnimalevolence
[7.5] - Densely atmospheric extreme industrial metal album, it's weird and unorthodox but also rather satisfying.
71. Venuvian - Lost
[7.5] - Not sure how to describe this - atmospheric proggy deathcore? Pretty solid stuff.
72. Stömb - Massive Disturbed Meta Art
[7.5] - Very cool mostly instrumental djent album with nifty use of electronics; the song with Ricinn is fabulous, and the electronic tracks are cool too.
73. Contrarian - Sage Of Shekhinah
[7.5] - Weird but fairly compelling proggy/techy death taking clear influence from the 90s Florida tech-death bands like Atheist, Cynic and later Death.
74. Hellripper - Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags
[7.5] - Solid energetic affair with strong solos; the last song is great.
75. Haken - Fauna
[7.5] - They still have the tendency to get in their own way in terms of irritating, but this is better than Virus and Vector at least.
76. Barren Heir - Died Down
[7.5] - Post-tinged brooding, menacing sludge album.
77. As Light Dies - The Laniakea Architecture Vol​. ​II
[7.5] - Unusual, unpredictable mix of black, prog, doom and other styles.
78. Xandria - The Wonders Still Awaiting
[7.5] - 75 minutes is way too ambitious, but the contents of this are overall solid.
79. Conspiracy Of Zero - Ahthos Arouris
[7.5] - Starts off as fairly unassuming death metal, but evolves quite impressively, particularly with the clean solos on the likes of Ahthos Arouris I.
80. Aiming For Enrike - Empty Airports
[7.5] - Empty Airports has an empty ambient electronic approach in comparison to Music For Working Out, but is still pleasant.
81. Mystic Circle - Erzdämon
[7.5] - Lively meloblack with some cool lead shredding bits in there.
82. Ignominy - Imminent Collapse
[7.5] - It's not the best disso-death album, but it's a good demonstration of how easily I get into disso-death.
83. Räum - Cursed By The Crown
[7.5] - Blast-heavy but gripping post-tinged black metal.
84. Majesties - Vast Reaches Unclaimed
[7.5] - Strong melodeath with the production rawness and aggression of the early Gothenburg albums from the mid-90s.
85. Asteriæ - Gasn​ą​c
[7.5] - Solid gazey post-black with some hardcore moments but also some more post-metallish parts.
86. The Abbey - Word Of Sin
[7.5] - Doom with trad leanings without sounding overly trad, I like quite a lot of what is featured here.
87. Serotonin Syndrome - Seed Of Mankind
[7.5] - Post-black metal with a solid mixture of both and atmosphere to be up my street.
88. Ashen Horde - Antimony
[7.5] - Prog black is a fair tag for this, but it's not obviously similar to any other prog black records, quite a distinctive sound executed well.
89. Ascension (UK) - Under The Veil Of Madness
[7.5] - Playful power metal album with showmanship - I get a slight weird vibe with the vocals, but they're generally solid.
90. Thumos - Symposium
[7.5] - These busy boys are on a roll; I appreciate how the synths and such do feel into the antiquity feel of the album.
91. Theophonos - Nightmare Visions
[7.5] - Solid proggy blackened hardcore.
92. Crown Of Madness - Elemental Binding
[7.5] - Pretty sweet disso-death EP with some interesting melodic/lighter hints.
93. Cincinnati Bowtie - Incantation
[7.5] - Tad overlong, but exciting techy deathcore release.
94. Atsuko Chiba - Water, It Feels Like It's Growing
[7.5] - Cool psych rock album with some mellow jams in it.
95. Ævangelist - Simulacra Retrospectræ
[7.5] - Impressively cacophonic 31-minute hellish epic.
96. Ulthar - Helionomicon
[7.5] - The more meandering, dense approach on these two super-long songs is impressive.
97. Vvilderness - Path
[7.5] - Was more impressed by this than their previous album; it's somewhat gazey, but also a bit darker, and cinematic in moments too.
98. Dreadrealm - Live From The Fall
[7.5] - Very pleasant folky atmo-black.
99. Telesterion - Myesis
[7.5] - Another compelling edition of this high-productivity post-metalgaze sound.
100. 18 Slashes - Jawnnobyl
Very satisfying synth-heavy DnB.
101. Witch Ripper - The Flight After The Fall
[7.5] - The vocals need to improve, but otherwise this is a fun and promising record.
102. Mithridatum - Harrowing
[7.5] - Solid atmospheric doomy disso-death.
103. Wounds Of Recollection - Warm Glow Of The End Of Everything
[7.5] - Doesn't break the dreamy blackgaze mould, but has exuberance and conviction that makes it stand out.
104. Snow Ghosts - The Fell
[7.5] - Cool moody electronic folk.
105. Invent Animate - Heavener
[7.5] - Nice djentcore album with atmospheric inclinations, could be a bit more memorable though.
106. Weight Of Emptiness - Withered Paradogma
[7.5] - Rather satisfying symph-tinged melodic death/doom; occasionally the vocals undersell it, but most of the time it's rather solid.
107. Dragoncorpse - The Drakketh Saga
[7.5] - Pretty creative power metal/deathcore fusion.
108. Brundarkh - Those Born Of Fire & Shadow
[7.5] - Pretty decent symphy melodeath Tolkein-themed debut.
109. Full Of Hell - Suffocating Hallucination [Collaboration]
[7.5] - Suitably vulgar mix of sludge, noise and occasional grindcore.
110. Frozen Crown - Call Of The North
[7.5] - High-energy, vibrant power metal, a good amount of enjoyment to be got from it.
111. Afsky - Om Hundrede År
[7.5] - Good enough atmo-black/blackgaze that doesn't quite go above that level.
112. Depravation - IV:LETVM
[7.5] - Black + crust + other stuff, I like it quite a bit.
113. Pyramid Mass - Monolith
[7.5] - Eclectic doomy death metal with a weird streak to it.
114. The Mask Of Prospero - Hiraeth
[7.5] - Djentcore that I like quite a bit, particularly in the more emotional moments, but isn't quite as consistently great as I'd like.
115. Asphagor - Pyrogenesis
[7.5] - Meloblack with hints of other extreme styles in, this is a solid record.
116. Prognan - Naši Životi Više Ne Postoje
[7.5] - Solid meloblack album, although I don't entirely love the vocal style.
117. Fathers - He Who Greets With Fire
[7.5] - Sludge-tinged hardcore with abrasion but also some nice solos and melodic bits scattered in, and some post-metal inclinations.
118. Smote - Genog
[7.5] - Cool psychedelic drone folk stuff, gets heavy on some tracks but others are more dreamy psych rock.
119. Yaaroth - The Man In The Wood
[7.5] - I, Voidhanger doom, not so unusual for the style as to make clear sense on that label, but there's a bit more to this than pure retro-doom, especially the 70s prog rock quirks.
120. 8 Hour Animal - Kill Your Boss
[7.5] - Deliciously distorted industrial metal, no frills venom.
121. Pressure Points - The Island
[7.5] - The growls don't necessarily detract from this album, but it is a classic prog album with some random growls.
122. Ulthar - Anthronomicon
[7.5] - The more compartmentalized of the two albums, it's got plenty of vicious black/death that sounds good, but didn't quite pull me in.
123. Fucked Up - One Day
[7.5] - Less sprawling and stylistically diverse than my previous taste with them, but an interesting core-y release.
124. Soulmass - Let Us Pray
[7.5] - Solid doomy death metal with good prog and melodeath infusions.
125. Ciconia - Animal Chapters
[7.5] - Fun instru-djent with style and groove.
126. Nothingness - Supraliminal
[7.5] - Tasty mix of OSDM and more brutal sounds with some quality riffs.
127. Haxprocess - The Caverns Of Duat
[7.5] - Pretty cool proggy Egyptian-themed technical OSDM-sounding debut.
128. Temptress - See
[7.5] - Psychedelic stoner/hard rock, the more psychedelic tracks are great, the more stoner-y ones are fine, but a bit less impressive.
129. Necropanther - Betrayal
[7.5] - Hard-edged thrashy melodeath with some neat melodic guitar moments in there.
130. Vosbúð - Heklugjá
[7.5] - As far as melo/atmo-black from Iceland with long songs goes, it's not quite a new Nasheim, but it's a very decent album.
131. Ὁπλίτης - Ψ​ε​υ​δ​ο​μ​έ​ν​η
[7.5] - Intriguing proggy dissoblack record, albeit not one that ever fully engaged me.
132. Strider (TUR) - Midnight Zen
[7.5] - Decent proggy stoner with hints of Elder/Weedpecker, albeit not quite at the level of either group at their best.
133. Turbid North - The Decline
[7.5] - Stoner/sludge and death metal aren't obvious bedmates, and there is some inconsistency between tracks here, but overall it's a solid and curious album.
134. Frozen Dawn - The Decline Of The Enlightened Gods
[7.5] - Conventional but solid chilled-edges meloblack.
135. Yashira - Yashira / Horsewhip
[7.5] - Feisty 2-song sludge/hardcore split.
136. Redemption - I Am The Storm
[7.5] - Redemption doing classic prog things; not really my thing, but they do it well enough, and the Evergrey similarities help my appreciation of it.
137. Fange - Privation
[7.5] - Perhaps their best yet, the grimness is turned down for more ominous industrial; the Hangman's Chair track is cool.
138. Kamelot - The Awakening
[7.5] - A step up from the past couple of albums.
139. Iterum Nata - Trench Of Loneliness
[7.5] - Pleasant proggy folk stuff.
140. Eyes - Congratulations
[7.5] - Hard/metalcore with DEP-esque mixes of groove, venom and brief mathy outbursts.
141. Sightless Pit - Lockstep Bloodwar
[7.5] - The industrial metal overtones of the debut are gone; this is pure electronica, but it's a solid dark dub record with good guest vocalists.
142. Burden Of Ymir - Heorot
[7.5] - I prefer the artwork to the album as a whole, but there are some nice folk melodies in here.
143. The Privateer - Kingdom Of Exiles
[7.5] - Pleasant folk metal with power and melodeath elements; I'd say the folkiest parts are most to my tastes.
144. Cerbère - Cendre
[7.5] - Bleak sludge doom that becomes a bit more uplifting near the end, almost dreamy ambient staticy.
145. Kong - Traders Of Truth
[7.5] - Cool, groovy instrumental prog album low on the technicality and with quite a few flavours, a bit closer to something like Zombi perhaps.
146. Nephilim's Noose - Blood Chants Of Impiety
[7.5] - Tastily deathly doom with nicely grim atmosphere.
147. Imperium Dekadenz - Into Sorrow Evermore
[7.5] - Lively, riff-heavy atmo-black.
148. Tithe - Inverse Rapture
[7.5] - I'm not really hearing any doom here, but the deathly grind is pretty tasty.
149. Isole - Anesidora
[7.5] - Slightly too trudging for my tastes, but a very respectable epic doom album.
150. Grandiosa Muerte - Egregor
[7.5] - Bit too standard OSDM at times, but some of the more expanded aspects of the sound (e.g. the semi-clean tones and deep echoing vocals on Oculto) make this LatAm death metal album pretty neat.
151. Bong Coffin - The End Beyond Doubt
[7.5] - Just about stoner due to the grooves, but with a lot of grimness and intensity that pushes it towards sludge.
152. Ahab - The Coral Tombs
[7.5] - A few moments here undermine what is a very decent record, but less so than the previous ones.
153. The Abortionist - Deceiving Hales
[7.5] - Solid melodeath-tinged techy-death debut.
154. Ohhms - Rot
[7.0] - Another intriguingly unique and imperfect album from these guys.
155. My Hair Is A Rat's Nest - Fragment
[7.0] - Neat gaze-y post-hardcore.
156. Wanderer - Indulgence Of The Unreal
[7.0] - Brief, feisty metallic hardcore EP with crunch and groove.
157. Iravu - A Fate Worse Than Home
[7.0] - Nice shredding guitar solos and proggy inclinations of this melody-tinged black metal record.
158. Yossi Sassi - Prediluvian
[7.0] - 'Orphaned Land without the metal' might be slightly reductive, but it's not too far off; it's a soothing listen of an album.
159. Malice Divine - Everlasting Ascendancy
[7.0] - Impressive blackened tech-death.
160. They Grieve - To Which I Bore Witness
[7.0] - Solid enough doomy/sludgy post-metal, but has a few awkward bits in it.
161. Orbital - Optical Delusion
[7.0] - Good fun IDM/trance record with generally not-annoying vocals (although there's a couple of iffy ones in here).
162. The Lightbringer Of Sweden - The New World Order
[7.0] - Catchy heavy/power album with very solid vocals.
163. Wothrosch - Odium
[7.0] - Unspectacular but pretty enjoyable ominous Behemoth-tinged black metal with a doomy current to it.
164. KOLLAPS\E - Phantom Centre
[7.0] - Nothing new to the post-metal formula, but still very enjoyable for what it is.
165. To Be Gentle - Loneliness Will Sit Over Our Roofs With Brooding Wings
[7.0] - Screamo with a couple of blackgaze moments.
166. Tales Of A Liquid Dawn - The Rise Of Emperor Var
[7.0] - Extremely long space/psych-rock, a bit too meandering for its own good but pretty cool.
167. Manigance - The Shadows Ball
[7.0] - Pretty solid melodic album with power metal leanings, enjoyable and catchy.
168. Minenwerfer - Feuerwalze
[7.0] - No-frills riffy black metal with some solid shredding.
169. Lovebites - Judgement Day
[7.0] - Generally enjoyable power metal, the vocals occasionally get a bit much.
170. Deathsbroom - Quietus
[7.0] - Conventional but solid black metal debut with occasional meloblack/dungeon synth moments.
171. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Land Of Sleeper
[7.0] - More classic driving stoner, but pretty enjoyable for this particular style, albeit the band name is more of an attention-grabber.
172. Memoriam - Rise To Power
[7.0] - Not blown away by it, but clearly better than Obituary on the old school death metal sound front.
173. Underneath - Nothing Here Is Held Sacred
[7.0] - Feisty deathcore EP.
174. Conjureth - The Parasitic Chambers
[7.0] - Ferocious, ever-so-slightly-techy OSDM record that's good fun.
175. K.F.R - Pain​/​Ter
[7.0] - Ambient black metal that's not as noisey/ambient as Kryatjurr; it's a bit more accessible, but perhaps slightly less intriguing as a result.
176. Duthaig - Hiraeth
[7.0] - Blackgaze/atmo-black with some subtle other ideas (trip-hop interludes); good, but not as enchanting as the artwork.
177. Foretoken - Triumphs
[7.0] - The general lively vibe is cool for this ex power/melodeath album, but it does seem a bit lacking in memorability.
178. Arriver - Azimuth
[7.0] - On the plus side, this mixture of post-metal, prog, alt-metal, sludge and other sounds is fairly distinctive; on the downside, it's not particularly enjoyable.
179. Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy
[7.0] - Soul isn't really my thing, but I liked this more than most stuff in this vein.
180. Dysmal - Gates To Apperception
[7.0] - Pleasant Gothic-tinged melodeath debut.
181. Sleep Terror - Railroad To Dystopia
[7.0] - Bit all over the place, but a fun album.
182. Phantom Fire - Eminente Lucifer Libertad
[7.0] - More varied and enjoyable than I would expect for blackened speed metal, the changes in tempo and electronic interlude are nice touches.
183. Polterguise - Eurydice
[7.0] - Nice wacky proggy/mathy post-hardcore from the DGD school, albeit a tad heavier.
184. Ornamentos Del Miedo - Frío
[7.0] - Not as solid as last year's album, some of the guitar leads were a tad distracting on track 1, but I enjoyed the melancholy of track 2.
185. Wedingoth - Five Stars Above
[7.0] - Pretty decent prog effort with pleasant vocals (a bit Universal Migrator Pt 1), and quite an impressive 15-minute epic near the end.
186. Hail The Void - Memento Mori
[7.0] - Generic doomy stoner with occultish vocals and heavy riffs: unremarkable but enjoyable.
187. Tribunal - The Weight Of Remembrance
[7.0] - Pleasant moody melodies on this gothic doom release.
188. Katatonia - Sky Void Of Stars
[7.0] - Found this to be one of their more satisfying records; nothing amazing, but I like the general feel of it and a fair few of the songs.
189. Le Mur - Caelum Invictus
[7.0] - The emotion in the vocals is a key strength in the favour of this alt rock record.
190. Elyose - Déviante
[7.0] - Djenty industrial/cyber metal; reminds me a bit of Mechina, but with some actual dynamics and briefer songs - I like it.
191. Sortilège - Apocalypso
[7.0] - Bit stylistically scattered, but when on form (e.g. Walkyrie), a solid decades-in-waiting comeback.
192. Inherits The Void - The Impending Fall Of The Stars
[7.0] - Decent meloblack that is consistently full-pelt and high-energy.
193. Sorrowful Land - Faded Anchors Of The Past
[7.0] - Nicely crafted melodic death/doom.
194. Vitrail - Le M​é​pris Du Monde
[7.0] - Nice post-black/blackgaze EP with Deafheaven-style vocals and a nice dark undercurrent to it.
195. Azken Auzi - Azken Auzi
[7.0] - Decently chonky and thick groovy sludge doom, enjoyable without pushing any particular boundaries.
196. Primitive Rage - Enemies Left To Crush
[7.0] - Metallic hardcore with lots of short songs rounded out by one over 10 minutes sounds very Jane Doe, but the closing title track is a lot more vicious; kudos for making such a long and misanthropic track consistently engaging.
197. Hammock - Love In The Void
[7.0] - Dreamy ambient post-rock.
198. Grey Stag - Call Of The Mountain
[7.0] - Kinda fun Mastodon-y sludge album, but the overloud vocals are a bit of a distraction.
199. Dissentient - Labyrinth
[7.0] - Djent/deathcore/prog record, a bit one-dimensional but kinda decent groovefest.
200. Ice Age - Waves Of Loss And Power
[7.0] - Very classic-style prog metal, too classic for my tastes but it's well made.
201. The Enigma Division - The Enigma Division
[7.0] - Classic-style prog with some extreme/modern moments.
202. Happy Days - En Enfer, J'ai Régné
[7.0] - Pleasant blackgaze/meloblack.
203. Silver Bullet - Shadowfall
[7.0] - Found this to be lively and memorable enough to do the job as a Europower release - some slight BG hints in there.
204. Faithxtractor - Contempt For A Failed Dimension
[7.0] - Good classic death metal sound.
205. Thy Darkened Shade - Liber Lvcifer II: Mahapralaya
[7.0] - Generally decent sinister black metal, but it can be quite corny and it's also a tad short on standout moments for me.
206. Siena Root - Revelation
[7.0] - Nice retro psych/blues rock, vocals and writing are good enough to be more enjoyable than quite a lot of similar efforts.
207. The Human Race Is Filth - Cognitive Dissonance
[7.0] - Fairly standard deathgrind, but has the very occasional clean or otherwise unexpected moment, plus good riffs both slow and frantic.
208. Moonthoth - Uroczysko
[7.0] - Ominous atmo-black on the grimmer side, good but not quite there.
209. XL Life - The Boogie Down South
[7.0] - Punky, rappy stuff that's not too shabby.
210. Slog - Divination
[7.0] - Satisfying doomy take on death metal that has retro elements without feeling too retro itself.
211. Twilight Force - At The Heart Of Wintervale
[7.0] - Extraordinary bombast in the ROF-style power metal, but it's certainly enjoyable for the style.
212. Vale Of Amonition - Immortalizing The Lugubrious, Or Those Of Evolving Despair
[7.0] - Classic-sounding gothic-tinged doom, comes with the perks and drawbacks of that style, but pretty decent.
213. Celestial Wizard - Winds Of The Cosmos
[7.0] - Classic heavy with some melodeath currents in it, end result is definitely more interesting than straight trad-heavy.
214. The Howling Void - Into Darkness Ever More Profound
[7.0] - Nice melancholic guitar melodies in this fittingly trudging funeral doom release.
215. Narnia - Ghost Town
[7.0] - A bit too mid-tempo for a flowery power metal album, but good vocals and some nice melodic hooks.
216. RIAH - A Man And His Nature
[7.0] - Heavy post-rock/soft post-metal with gentle vocals and soothing melancholic soundscapes.
217. Hand Of Doom - Stray From The Path
[7.0] - Very decent London death metal debut drawing inspiration from early-mid Death in particular, very good lead guitars and nice occasional proggy detours.
218. Turrigenous - Vesper, The Evening Star
[7.0] - Predominantly classic-style prog metal with some thrash or extreme moments.
219. Unto The Wolves - Chapter IV: Covered In Ash
[7.0] - Sounds like a kinda melodeathy Trivium; the vocals aren't always great, but it's pretty decent overall.
220. Megaton Sword - Might & Power
[7.0] - The good songs for the style are very good (e.g. Iron Plains), but the AC/DC vocals and trudging nature of some other songs (e.g. The Raving Light Of Day) are not for me.
221. Witchthroat Serpent - Trove Of Oddities At The Devil's Driveway
[7.0] - Full-on Electric Wizard-style stoner doom, but has the flow and patience to be engaging.
222. Ison - Stars & Embers
[7.0] - Still pleasant, but a bit drearier than Aurora.
223. See You Next Tuesday - Distractions
[7.0] - Satisfying hardcore/grindcore with venom but also some moments that go beyond pure savagery.
224. Winds Of Tragedy - Hating Life
[7.0] - The tone of this album is clear from the title; depressive meloblack/blackgaze with harsher moments, works fine without being outstanding.
225. Transgressive - Extreme Transgression
[7.0] - Decent thrash debut with strong solos.
226. Ardent Nova - Ardent Nova
[7.0] - Melodeathy pagan NWOBHM - lead guitar stuff is the highlight.
227. E-an-na - Alveolar
[7.0] - Bit scattered, but can be cool in some parts.
228. Trespasser - Αποκάλυψις
[7.0] - Pretty cool riffy meloblack.
229. Uriah Heep - Chaos & Colour
[7.0] - Pretty decent record from a band that's been going for over 50 years, some genuinely solid tracks here.
230. Decemberance - Implosions
[7.0] - There's some reasonable variety in this very lengthy extreme doom album, from the more melancholic strings bits to more extreme or unusual sounds, but ultimately, it's not compelling enough to be more than just 'good'.
231. Blind Oath - Blind Oath
[7.0] - Rowdy, thrashy trad metal with barked vocals and a decent energy to it.
232. Daevar - Delirious Rites
[7.0] - Very Windhand-y release; does the job, but doesn't do enough more than said job in order to stand out.
233. Coffin Nail - The Hanged Man
[7.0] - It's grind, got a bit of murky depth to it but pretty par for the course.
234. Zustand Null - Beyond The Limit Of Sanity
[7.0] - Solid disso-death-black, not too remarkable but good for a listen or two.
235. Jeffk - Tar
[7.0] - Does try to mix things up to avoid being just standard instru-post, but is decent but not super exciting.
236. Galneryus - Between Dread And Valor
[7.0] - Flamboyant but entertaining power metal.
237. Air Raid - Fatal Encounter
[7.0] - Solid enough up-tempo trad heavy album with neat understated vocal style.
238. Häxanu - Totenpass
[7.0] - Pretty standard atmoblack.
239. Гнёт - Передай Нерождённым Мои Крики
[7.0] - Nice atmoblackgaze release with almost Earthshine-tier lo-fi production.
240. All Out War - Celestial Rot
[7.0] - Thrashy hardcore with a good balance of riff hooks and outright aggression.
241. Scalp - Black Tar
[7.0] - Brief, furious burst of black-tinged grindcore.
242. Sear - Grief In V Stages
[7.0] - Only 13 minutes, this screamo record is short but sweet.
243. Elizabeth Shaw - III
[7.0] - Decent blackened post-metal EP, end of the second song drags a bit.
244. Sacred Son - Privolva
[7.0] - Back to the amazing artwork of earlier records; I like the ambient/black metal mix here.
245. Palace Of Worms - Cabal
[7.0] - Fluid, unpredictable mesh of several styles.
246. Stargazer (NOR) - Life Will Never Be The Same
[7.0] - On the stadium rock/heavy metal borderline, it's pretty decent for the genre.
247. Rexoria - Imperial Dawn
[7.0] - Heavy/power with good vocals, memorable melodies and general competence, if not rising above that threshold.
248. Firienholt - White Frost And Elder Blood
[7.0] - Pleasant Summoning worship.
249. Onmyo-Za - 龍凰童子
[7.0] - Usual Visual Kei fare - well made, although 71 minutes is way too much.
250. Gravehuffer - ...Depart From So Much Evil
[7.0] - Grindcore, but also not grindcore; the 22-minute song is very ambitious.
251. Die Like Gentlemen - Hard Truths
[7.0] - Curious alt/doom/sludge sound, has a cool swagger to it, even if it's not super engaging.
252. Dryad - The Abyssal Plain
[7.0] - Straightforward, no-nonsense lo-fi black/death metal assault with occasional keyboards spicing things up.
253. Magic Opera - Battle Of Ice
[7.0] - Perhaps even cheesier than Twilight Force, still professional and competent RoF worship.
254. Fredlös - Fredlös
[7.0] - Folky black-tinged doom, it's OK, the vocals are interesting but don't always work for me.
255. Esoctrilihum - Funeral
[7.0] - Intriguing in its increased melodic focus over some recent albums, but these albums aren't quite interesting enough to justify their length (77 minutes here) or regularity.
256. Heidevolk - Wederkeer
[7.0] - Not keen on the vocals, and some songs are straight boring, but it does have enough strong moments to be a bit above average.
257. Metuzalem - Infra
[7.0] - Meandering, menacing death metal, a bit too hookless to really make an impact, but has intriguing ideas.
258. Crowne - Operation Phoenix
[7.0] - Power metal-leaning arena-style heavy metal elevated above its inherent super-cheesiness by a very good vocalist.
259. Dream Awake - Enigma
[6.5] - Prog-metalcore with djent moments; it's not amazing, but a couple of songs (Dystopia in particular) are pretty dope.
260. Lum - Lunaria - I Racconti Del Falò
[6.5] - Has occasional quirks (e.g. flute sounds), but is mostly fairly straight-nosed melody-tinged black metal; it's good, but slightly rudimentary.
261. Elysion - Bring Out Your Dead
[6.5] - Pleasant enough synthy/electro goth-lite stuff.
262. Falaise - After All This Time
[6.5] - Dreamy, enjoyable but lightweight blackgaze.
263. Tidal Wave - The Lord Knows
[6.5] - The artwork is great, but this is completely ordinary stoner/desert rock.
264. Cromlech - Ascent Of Kings
[6.5] - I like the Hansi Kursch tone to the singer's voice and quite a few aspects of the album work for me, but it's overlong and some aspects of it do feel a bit rough.
265. Embryo - A Vivid Shade On Misery
[6.5] - Competent but slightly dry melodeath.
266. Suicide Silence - Remember... You Must Die
[6.5] - Nothing exceptional, but decent enough, has some good riffs and listenable breakdowns.
267. Spotlights - Seance
[6.5] - Not as taken with this EP as the previous full-length.
268. Shrouded In Darkness - Be None Of You
[6.5] - Fairly solid but one-dimensional death/doom, the keys are overbearing, and I'm not keen on the drum sound.
269. Merlock - Onward Strides Colossus
[6.5] - Pretty decent sludgy stoner album, loses me at times.
270. Maggot Crown - Apparition Of Faces
[6.5] - Cacophonous deathgrind assault with some muddiness, but some cool moments.
271. The Fallen Prophets - Perpetual Damnation
[6.5] - Deathcore that's heavy on the death, it's OK.
272. Gorillaz - Cracker Island
[6.5] - Some tracks here I don't dig, but some fairly cool ones too.
273. Signo Rojo - There Was A Hole Here
[6.5] - Pretty decent sludge, a bit Hollow Leg-y, but for some reason I found it ever so slightly irritating - I can't identify why, but it's unfortunate.
274. Creye - III: Weightless
[6.5] - Pleasant 'soft' arena hard rock with a good vocalist and soothing tones.
275. Kardinal Sin - S.A.L.I.G.I.A
[6.5] - Generally pleasant arena-style power metal, but with a few iffy bits.
276. Morwinyon - Wastelands
[6.5] - Soothing but slightly insipid synth-heavy gazey atmo-black.
277. Ob Nixilis - Abhorred
[6.5] - Black-tinged death that is slightly 'accessible' at times but also has a weird streak; it's pretty interesting, but doesn't quite keep me engaged.
278. Lüger - Revelations Of The Sacred Skull
[6.5] - Retro trad-heavy/hard rock with some personality to it.
279. Avatar - Dance Devil Dance
[6.5] - My first time listening to Avatar, they were less annoying than I'd expected; for alt/nu stuff it's alright, and pretty heavy.
280. Wolfpath - Wolfpath
[6.5] - 20-odd-minute conventional black metal release.
281. eMolecule - The Architect
[6.5] - Prog hard rock/metal a bit like Porcupine Tree at times, it's alright but a bit overlong.
282. Gates Of Mourning - Ruination
[6.5] - I honestly quite liked this, it's black but has a few unexpected moves, it's just a bit rough production- and songwriting-wise.
283. Big City - Sunwind Sails
[6.5] - Relatively good arena-oriented hard rock.
284. Judiciary - Flesh + Blood
[6.5] - Crossover thrashy hardcore, well enough made but a bit 'macho BS' for me.
285. Oak Pantheon - The Absen­ce
[6.5] - Decent folky melodic black metal that occasionally goes on random tangents, most notably the alt-metal Listen!
286. Cthulhu Dreamt - Precursor
[6.5] - Ok ex-prog/djent album, but not quite as great as you'd hope a Cthulhu djent/prog death album would be.
287. Distant - Heritage
[6.5] - Half-decent, but a bit too chuggy.
288. VV - Neon Noir
[6.5] - Pleasant enough, even if a bit unexciting.
289. Lord Mountain - The Oath
[6.5] - Competent and moderately satisfying doomy trad-heavy.
290. Orkrist - Luea
[6.5] - Stylistically varied, has elements of symph-power, meloblack, gothic doom and dungeon synth at different points; it's nice, but not great at any individual style.
291. Vengeant - Mana
[6.5] - Good vocals, but this operatic symph-power EP doesn't quite do enough for me beyond this.
292. Kossuth - Necronym
[6.5] - Tech-death(core) that does what it needs to for the genre - frenetic, technical, some nice solos - but doesn't quite have enough moments to stand out from the many other similar bands.
293. Great Cold Emptiness - Immaculate Hearts Will Triumph
[6.5] - Pleasant, dreamy blackgaze/atmo-black with Mesarthim-esque synths.
294. Kryatjurr Of Desert Ahd - Deafening Supercells Of Thunder And Death
[6.5] - More black metal so lo-fi it turns into noise.
295. Vitriolic Sage - 梦路
[6.5] - Not very keen on the production, and the section where it's just crying for a minute is a bit much.
296. Upcdownc - Duel
[6.5] - Pretty much the epitome of 'solid but unnoteworthy' generic instru-post-metal.
297. Delain - Dark Waters
[6.5] - Could have been much worse given the mass exodus, but is clearly a step down from the last album with the older line-up.
298. Sanguisugabogg - Homicidal Ecstasy
[6.5] - As far as brutal death goes, they're more appealing than a lot of them, but 45 mins is a lot for this style.
299. Wishing Well - Sin And Shame
[6.5] - Very retro-sounding stuff, the up-tempo songs like the opener are decent fun with cool guitar solos, but the vocals aren't quite good enough to carry the slower/softer tracks.
300. Enisum - Forgotten Mountains
[6.5] - Nice enough atmo-blackgaze, but the clean vocals aren't great.
301. Astral Moon - Into Solar Abyss
[6.5] - The goth-leaning vocals are a nice touch, but this is just stoner doom.
302. Crom - The Era Of Darkness
[6.5] - Pleasant enough folk/power metal, but lacking in great moments and has too many irritating ones.
303. Drakon Ho Megas - Έλευσις Αντίχριστου
[6.5] - Very conventional but likeable meloblack.
304. Iron Void - IV
[6.5] - Stoner-y trad-style doom, has some nice solos but the main contents are a tad mundane.
305. Nymphrenia - Lonely Suicide [Split]
[6.0] - Fairly pedestrian DSBM, but some nice melodic aspects to it.
306. Alien Fucker - Gimplanet
[6.0] - Dumb as fuck, but it's kinda fun.
307. Dead Sun - Soul Diseased
[6.0] - Rogga's latest project is competent and passingly enjoyable melodeath.
308. In Flames - Foregone
[6.0] - There's hints of better In Flames in here, but not enough of them, and too much of Friden bringing the quality down.
309. Dark Sarah - Attack Of Orym
[6.0] - Good vocals and some charm, but runs a bit out of steam in terms of interest before it's over.
310. Dark Princess - Phoenix
[6.0] - At its best, I find this to be pretty enjoyable, but a bit too much of it is not at its best.
311. Høstsol - L​ä​nge Leve Dö​den
[6.0] - Just found this a bit boring really, it doesn't do anything wrong but there's little here that stands out.
312. Lumbar - The Very Strongest Of The Most Fragile
[6.0] - This sludge EP is fine but a bit awkward; between this and last year's album, that's a lot of time Mike Scheidt's not spending on a new Yob album.
313. Ciemra - The Tread Of Darkness
[6.0] - Competent, but I found this to be pretty nothingy and boring for large stretches.
314. Velian - Spectacle Of Tragedy
[6.0] - Pleasant enough gothic doom, unspectacular but decent.
315. Stoned Jesus - Father Light
[6.0] - I'm The Mountain looks more and more like an exception in terms of quality.
316. Grá - Lycaon
[6.0] - Has decent moments, but is a tad mundane considering it's released via Avantgarde Music.
317. The Canyon Observer - Figura
[6.0] - The sound of a chaotic free jazz band playing sludge; it's certainly intriguing, but not easy to listen to, particularly the manic saxophone.
318. Leper Colony - Leper Colony
[6.0] - Thrashy death metal from the ever-active Rogga Johansson.
319. Winter's Breath - Stories Left Behind
[6.0] - Meloblack with good bits, but too many meh bits to rise above average.
320. Infinite & Divine - Ascendancy
[6.0] - Fairly decent arena/hard rock with good vocals, but can't say I like it all that much.
321. Liv Sin - KaliYuga
[6.0] - Good vocals and OK AOR-style heavy metal songs.
322. Trastorned - Into The Void
[6.0] - Aggressive but generic thrash.
323. Shrezzers - Sex & Sax
[6.0] - Eclectic 'djent + other stuff' album that ruins decent material with obnoxious parts.
324. Arctic Rain - Unity
[6.0] - Competent arena hard rock.
325. Ancient Waters - Isjerna
[6.0] - Nordic folk-tinged symphonic record with nice ideas undermined by rough production and songwriting.
326. Turmion Kätilöt - Omen X
[6.0] - The band is a bit too cheesy for my tastes, but this album is alright.
327. Necrodeath - Singin' In The Pain
[6.0] - This is decent thrash in parts, but it also has some awkward-sounding moments.
328. Ruinthrone - The Unconscious Mind Of Arda
[6.0] - Has all the cheese meriting a 'symphonic folk power' genre tag, but not quite the songwriting chops to match.
329. Beyond The Black - Beyond The Black
[6.0] - 'Symphonic' metal light on symphonics; it's OK, nothing wrong with it, but a bit dull.
330. Veilcaste - Precipice
[5.5] - The roughness and lack of weight to the vocals slightly hampers this respectable sludge album with some nice cleaner touches.
331. Maerzfeld - Alles Anders
[5.5] - Pretty mediocre sub-Rammstein industrial stuff, it's listenable but not more enjoyable than that.
332. Chelsea Grin - Suffer In Heaven
[5.5] - 25 minutes of boring cookie cutter deathcore.
333. Obituary - Dying Of Everything
[5.5] - It's okay, but gets bogged down by some tedious mid-tempo trudgery.
334. Mechina - Cenotaph
[5.5] - There are good moments and riffs in these songs - it's really the invariation of the vocals that undermines the album's impact.
335. Ravenlight - Immemorial
[5.5] - Vocals fall flat for me on this one.
336. Phantom Elite - Blue Blood
[5.0] - Bland pop metal with occasionally interesting synthy or djenty parts.
337. Our Last Crusade - Death Wins
[5.0] - Djent-core release that's good in moments but also has the capacity to irritate, particularly in some vocal moments.
338. Nanowar Of Steel - Dislike To False Metal
[5.0] - I know it's comedy music, but it's still irritating or otherwise unenjoyable.
339. Dead Sun Rising - A Slow Decay
[5.0] - Lethargic, boring stoner/post.
340. The Faith Hills Have Eyes - The Riffth Element
[5.0] - Actually has some decent moments as far as melodic metalcore goes, but then ruins it with some cringy shit.
341. Messial - Ellipses II: Astronomicon Collapse
[4.5] - So soon after a very decent Conjureth album, a far less decent funeral doom album from the same musician comes.
342. Joe D. Carpenter - Grimoire
[4.5] - Baffles me that someone would pair up an early Rob Halford/Judas Priet impersonation with some gruff caveman yelling and bland alt-metal; it's a crap marriage of 2 mediocre approaches.
343. Cursed Excruciation - Arcane Diabolism
[4.0] - The 0.5 that AMG gave this was harsh, but it is quite a boringly monotonous record.
344. Najand - Battle For Emancipation
[3.0] - Painfully lo-fi and unengaging, even discounting the 68-minute length.

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04.01.2023 - 10:27
Finally a musclassia list with only albums I reviewed
Do you think if the heart keeps on shrinking
One day there will be no heart at all?
04.01.2023 - 10:32

Written by RaduP on 04.01.2023 at 10:27

Finally a musclassia list with only albums I reviewed

Considering this is the next one I'm going to listen to, this glorious time period will last for a whopping 20 minutes
04.01.2023 - 17:53
Quick, Radu, review it!
06.01.2023 - 15:17
A Nice Guy
Good luck with breaking your record, it's an astonishing amount of music but I'm betting you will surpass it I will be following this list closely as there's always hidden gems to be found amongst your colossal lists
16.01.2023 - 10:32
Written by AndyMetalFreak on 06.01.2023 at 15:17

I will be following this list closely as there's always hidden gems to be found amongst your colossal lists

Same here. Conjoined Twin Octopus is this year's first discovery but certainly not the last. Gotta love that band name too
"You have the right to believe in what you want. I have the right to believe it's ridiculous." - Ricky Gervais
17.01.2023 - 10:51
Dylan 1974

Thanks for 'Samtar - Shadow Of The King's Charade'. Far out, leftfield alt-prog.
17.01.2023 - 11:01

Written by Dylan 1974 on 17.01.2023 at 10:51

Thanks for 'Samtar - Shadow Of The King's Charade'. Far out, leftfield alt-prog.

Yeah that was a good discovery from yesterday - will be giving it a shoutout in the next non-metal article so hopefully a couple other people can discover it as well
17.01.2023 - 11:10
Dylan 1974

Written by musclassia on 17.01.2023 at 11:01

Yeah that was a good discovery from yesterday - will be giving it a shoutout in the next non-metal article so hopefully a couple other people can discover it as well

Nice one, mate. Will keep an eye out for your review. I might order the CD - pity it's unavailable on vinyl.
12.02.2023 - 19:04

New Insomnium really that good? I’m very excited now
12.02.2023 - 19:54

Written by Vellichor on 12.02.2023 at 19:04

New Insomnium really that good? I’m very excited now

Gave it my first listens today - I'll need to revisit their past few as I'm not a diehard Insomnium fan, but from what I can remember of the other ones I don't feel any of them impressed me as consistently as this album did (excluding Winter's Gate, which is an entirely different animal). The song Godforsaken is one of their best I reckon, and a few others have really impressed me in the first plays (Starless Paths, The Witch Hunter, The Rapids)
12.02.2023 - 19:57

Well they consistently put out quality material and I’m glad to hear this one’s no exception

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