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Otyg - Älvefärd

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Release date: 1998
Style: Folk metal


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01. Huldran
02. I Trollberg Och Skog
03. Älvadimmans Omdaning
04. Ulvskrede
05. Fjällstorm
06. I Höstlig Dräckt
07. Myrdingar - Martyrium
08. Allfader Vise
09. Fjälldrottningens Slott
10. Trollpiskat Ödemarksblod
11. Draugen
12. Skymningsdans

Guest review by
In 1998, Swedish folk metal band Otyg released their first album entitled Älvefärd. The band includes Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund on vocals and he offers a fair deal of originality to the band with his clean vocals, all in Swedish. Otyg also uses a female vocalist, Cia Hedmark, who also plays the violin throughout. Other instruments used are the lute, keyed fiddle and mouth harp, all give the album an extremely folky feel.

published 27.05.2009 | Comments (6)

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