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Fluxious - Why So Serious?

6.5 | 20 votes |
Release date: 28 March 2011
Style: Fusion, Progressive metal


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01. Point Of View
02. Reaching Nowhere
03. Inside
04. Voodoo Mood
05. Huging
06. Sinner
07. Games'n'trials
08. Biatch
09. Unfair To You
10. True
11. What A Waste
12. It Belongs To You

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What happens when you mix jazz and rock? Yeah, you get something along the lines of jazz-rock and fusion. But what happens when you mix jazz and metal? Yeah, wrong! I wouldn't exactly call it jazz-metal or heavy fusion. Or maybe I would, I still don't know. It just feels more appropriate if I call it heavy jazz for now as that's what Fluxious sounds like - jazzy songs in a heavy distortion coating. Not only that, of course, but in short, it's an awesome mix. Oh yeah, almost forgot to include in the introduction - there's a girl singing!

published 02.06.2011 | Comments (21)

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26.02.2012 - 19:32
Rating: 4
After I had read Ivor's review of this album I knew that I was either going to hate it or love it. So I checked out a song on YouTube which happened to be "Reaching Nowhere". I found that particular song to be quite good in a guilty pleasure sort of way so I decided to give the whole album a shot. The verdict? It is bad. Really bad.

Aside from the first two songs I could barely stand the horrible "music" that seemed to progressively melt my brain with its sheer awfulness. Worst of all are the vocals which quickly got on my nerves. The overall sound is just too "radio friendly" for me despite the occasional heavy riff.
07.03.2012 - 00:20
Rating: 7
Eh. I think some of the songs on this album are really good, but then there's some that I just can't get into. Overall, ok album.

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