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2002-  Matt Smith - vocals, guitars, keyboards, orchestrations
2006-  Jonathan "Jon" Hinds - guitars
2009-  Jared Oldham - bass
2016-  Ernie Topran - drums
2022-  Taylor Washington - guitars
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2003-2014  Shawn Benson - drums
2004-2006  Seth Filkins - bass
2005-2007  Josh Sloan - bass
2007-2008  Patrick Hoyt Parris - bass
2009-2020  Val Allen Wood - guitars
2014-2015  Patrick Nickell - drums
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2019-2022  Taylor Washington - bass

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Theocracy’s Theocracy celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and this significant occasion in the prog/power heavyweights’ history is commemorated with the band’s first album in seven years, Mosaic. Equally capable of earning backhanded compliments for being ‘good for a power metal band’ and ‘good for a Christian metal band’, Theocracy have built a reputation of quality over quantity, and Mosaic comfortably maintains that record.
Review by musclassia ››
Straightforward, fun, genre album. Very, very fine power metal. How Theocracy succeeds at setting themselves apart from others deserving of those tags is the way they balance aggression and melody, crunchy guitars and smooth delivery, punishing drums and soaring melodies, etc, etc. There's no denying a slight thrash influence in this heavy power metal album, though it never strays a centimeter away from "melodic." This confident balance, without trying to be one or the other, is what gives Ghost Ship its own strong voice.
Review by Susan ››
In general, when we talk about combos from USA which use to play Power Metal everybody think about bands like Iced Earth first. For sure this is something different of the European trends but of course, USA is so big that it can be possible too to find...
Review by Jeff ››

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