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Also known as Misery Infliction

Country: USA

Links: Official site

Formed in: 2004
Disbanded in: 2012

2004-2012 Blackened death metal
2004-2012 Progressive death metal


2004-2012  Drew Nowak - vocals
2004-2012  Ed Bacon - guitars
2007-2012  Mason Grimm - drums
2009-2012  Jason "Pyr" Heishman - bass
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2004  Rocco Mastromarino - guitars
2004  Jordan - bass
2004  Anthony Cowans - drums
2004  Marc - bass
2004-2005  Dave "Nothing" Carlow - guitars
2004-2006  Sidney Lee Mortensen - drums
2004-2007  Nick Kuhn - bass
2005  Randy - guitars
2006-2008  Christopher Bane - guitars
2007-2009  Jesse "Corvus" - bass
2008-2011  Joe Fuller - guitars
2011  Isaac Matlock - guitars
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To get anywhere these days, your music needs to hit hard, have some degree of melody in it, sound clear and perhaps be slightly over the top in some way. Advent: Doom is amazingly Apothys' first release outside of demos, but this EP has all these...
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Tell me that I'm too emotive, but I'm always really happy and proud to review the album of one of the old and loyal members of our Metal Storm community. Today we will talk about "Onslaught", the demo new of Apothys, a band from USA...
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