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Country: USA
Label: Bloodfish Media

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Formed in: 1996

1996- Progressive rock
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1996-  Phideaux Xavier - vocals, guitars, bass
1996-  Rich Hutchins - drums
1996-  Mark Sherkus - keyboards
2002-  Gabriel Moffat - producer, guitar
2002-  Valerie Gracious - vocals, piano
2002-  Ariel Farber - vocals, violin
2002-  Stefanie Fife - cello
2002  Armen Ra - theremin
2002  Kramer - bass, vocals, guitars
2004-  Linda Ruttan-Moldawsky - vocals
2004-  Molly Ruttan - vocals, drums
2004-2005  Julie Hair - bass, textures
2006  Arlan Shierbaum - keyboards
2006  Probyn Gregory - horns, theremin

Latest reviews

Every time I've tried to put something down about the latest Phideaux album Snowtorch I seem to have hit some kind of a block. It's not that I don't like the album. On the contrary, I like it very much. It's just that I seem to have...   Review by Ivor ››
The reasons why I like Phideaux's music are numerous and, to be honest, not yet fully explored in their depths. The fact is, however, that through the years I've grown so accustomed to the music and writing style that whenever anything new emerges...   Review by Ivor ››

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