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Poema Arcanus

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Also known as Garbage (1992-1996), Garbage Breed (1996-1997), Poema Arcanvs

Country: Chile
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

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Formed in: 1992

1992- Progressive doom metal
1992- Death doom metal
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1992-  Claudio Carrasco García - vocals
1992-  Igor Leiva Benavides - guitars
2000-  Luis Moya - drums
2018-  Juan Díaz Ortega - bass
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1993-2000  Eduardo Zenteno - drums
1995-2006  Claudio Botarro Neira - bass
1997-1999  Roxana Espinoza - keyboards, vocals
2002-2006  Michel Leroy - keyboards, vocals
2006-2011  Juan Pablo "Hueso" Vallejos - bass
› 2014-2016  -//-
2011-2014  Pablo Tapia Ugarte - bass
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Latest reviews

Most likely Chile's (or South America in general) longest-standing doom metal act, Poema Arcanus returns after 7 years. Continuous delays (not even mentioning Covid-19) have put several obstacles in the band's path, but Stardust Solitude sees the band getting out of that hole as victorious.   Review by X-Ray Rod ››
Doom Metal from Chile. That's a phrase that you don's get to hear often! But still, South America has a strong metal scene, mostly unknown to the European market, but is there!

This is the sophomore release of this Chilean Doomsters, and is...   Review by Undercraft ››

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