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High On Fire


1998-  Matt Pike - guitars, vocals
2005-  Jeff Matz - bass
2021-  Coady Willis - drums
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1998-2004  George Rice - bass
1998-2019  Des Kensel - drums
2004-2005  Joe Preston - bass
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2012  Ashley Rose Redshaw - vocals
2012  Kurt Parker Ballou - guitars

Latest reviews

High On Fire are one of a few select bands in metal, or even in the music industry. Six albums out and none of them suck. Not too many bands you can say that about now, are there?

Luminiferous marks their seventh studio release and some highly flammable straw men might have been worried that they'd run out of ideas or Matt Pike's sobriety might fuck up their awesome dynamic?

Bitch, please.
Review by BitterCOld ››
Here's something not many bands can pull off; 6 albums, none of which suck. While there's not too much re-imagining going on here, it definitely seems like High On Fire have found a nice little crossroads of all their best aspects. In fact, De Vermis Mysteriis makes a lot of their previous recordings almost sound like beta testing.
Review by Doc G. ››
Opening with a particularly urgent guitar line before all hell breaks loose, Snakes For the Divine announces the return of High On Fire? a power trio that have drawn comparisons to the legendary Motorhead. It's fitting. It is three guys playing fast,...
Review by BitterCOld ››

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