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Mandragora Scream

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Country: Italy
Label: Lunatic Asylum Records

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Formed in: 1997

1997-Gothic metal


1997-  Morgan Lacroix - vocals
2000-  Terry Horn - guitar, vocals, keyboards, programming
2009-  Furyo - drums
2009-  Max Rivers - bass
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2001-2002  Jeff Brian Palmitteri - drums
› 2006-2008  -//-
2001-2002  John Peter Morris - guitar
2001-2002  Mr. Tonde - bass
2002-2006  Mattia Stancioiu - drums
2002-2006  Krysalis - guitar
2003-2008  Jack Lowell Halleyn - keyboards
2006-2008  Lena Drake - bass
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Latest reviews

Italian gothic act Mandragora Scream have this winter emerged with a new lineup and a new album. Volturna is the fourth album and a more experimental one than the previous works. Although there are changes in the style the leading force, the two main...
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The Italian gothic ensemble Mandragora Scream appeared with their third full-length try in 2006, both with a refreshed lineup and a refreshed style. Compared to the previous poetic albums Madhouse is more straightforward, this emerges already from the...
Review by Ernis ››

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