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Country: Finland
Label: Firebox Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2006
Disbanded in: 2010

2006-2010Funeral doom metal


2006-2010  Juhani Palomäki - vocals, guitars, piano, harmonium
2006-2010  Olli Haaranen - guitars, keyboards, piano, harmonium
2006-2010  Janne Rämö - bass, backing vocals
2007-2010  Sameli Köykkä - drums
2008  Elise Hujanen - flute
2008-2010  Aapo Romu - cello, choir
2008-2010  Heidi Savilakso - violin, choir
2008-2010  Risto Vuorensola - trumpet, choir
2010  Juhani Anton Jokisalo - vocals

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With great shame yours truly admits that Colosseum's first album "Chapter I: Delirium" passed by him largely unnoticed. Yes, I knew who they were and that they were received well by everyone, but still, or perhaps it was just that, I never...
Review by Lucas ››
Colosseum is the new Funeral Doom project of Juhani Palomäki, the famous band member of the cult but unfortunately not so well-know, Yearning. Even if Yearning is a band which produces dark music, I can tell you that the fans of the combo will be...
Review by Jeff ››

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