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2000-  Jamie Saint Merat - drums
2000-  Michael Hoggard - guitars
2005-2008  Paul Kelland - bass
› 2008-  -//- bass, vocals
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2000-2002  Mark Seeney - vocals
2002-2003  Jared Commerer - guitars, bass
2002-2006  James "Slippy" Wallace - vocals
2003-2005  Phil Kusabs - bass
2003-2008  Michael Rothwell - guitars
2006-2008  Ben Read - vocals
2008-2011  Oliver Goater - guitars
2011-2012  William Cleverdon - guitars
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2010-2011  William Cleverdon - guitars

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To once again quote a fellow user and reviewer who was wise before I was:

"This album is Ulcerate's The Eye Of Every Storm."
Review by RaduP ››
I always wondered what the meaning of art was. As in, what is the main goal for the artist(s)? What would be the greatest achievement? If you ask yours truly, the main goal would be to make something greater than the creator(s) and spectators, a grand monument with such a force that it can stand proud and imposing against anything around it. Ulcerate did just that. Again.
Review by X-Ray Rod ››

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