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Virgin Black

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Country: Australia
Label: The End Records

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Formed in: 1995
Hiatus: 2008-2018

1995-Gothic metal
1995-Doom metal
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1995-  Rowan London - vocals, piano & keyboard
1995-  Samantha Escarbe - guitars, cello
2006-  Luk Faz - drums
2006-  Grayh - bass
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1995-2006  Dino Cielo - drums
1995-2006  Ian Miller - bass, vocals
1995-2006  Craig Edis - vocals, guitars
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2003  Sonis Wilkie - flute
2005-2006  Susan Johnson - vocals
2007  Mark Kelson - guitars
2007-2008  Damon Good - choirs vocals

Latest reviews

"All is lost but hope" were the last words sang by Rowan London on Virgin Black's sophomore album, released back in 2003. 15 years later, with a decade long hiatus, and the Requiem series finally completed? These words remain as truthful as ever.
Review by X-Ray Rod ››
Australia's Virgin Black is one underrated band. After flooring the Gothic competition by releasing one masterpiece after the other, the band undertook a full-year of recording with a complete symphonic orchestra that gave birth to three albums under...
Review by Dream Taster ››
Some musicians will go down in Metal history as being overlooked geniuses. One of them would be Tilo Wolff, the German mastermind behind Gothic monster Lacrimosa, one of them would be Rowan London, the Australian mastermind behind Gothic monument Virgin...
Review by Dream Taster ››

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