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Saviour Machine

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Country: USA
Label: Massacre Records
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Formed in: 1989

1993- Gothic metal


1989-  Eric Clayton - vocals
1989-  Jeff Clayton - guitars
1994-  Nathan Van Hala - keyboards, piano
1994-  Charles Cooper - bass
2001-  Carl Johan Grimmark - guitars
2001-  Thomas Weinesjö - drums
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1990-1992  Chris Fee - drums
1990-1994  Dean Forsyth - bass
1992-1994  Samuel West - drums
1994-1999  Jason Heart - drums
1999-2001  Victor Deaton - drums
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1993  Jimmy P. Brown (I) - vocals
1993  Love Larrimore - vocals
1993  Riki Michele - vocals
1993  Terry Taylor - vocals
1993  Rob Watson - keyboards, piano

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Few American bands nowadays manage to find a decent label unless they are playing new metal or mainstream hard rock. Hopefully, Saviour Machine, Doom/Gothic band hailing from California, figures amongst the chosen ones. But as always, luck has nothing...   Review by Dream Taster ››
A Gothic Metal band is usually expected to emerged from the shores of a cold country such as Norway, Sweden, Finland or from the Germany. A Doom Metal band is more likely to hail from England. However, one of the best in both styles is actually from California,...   Review by Dream Taster ››

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